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Youth Club (YC) is a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political organization, which provides a unique platform for the youth and provides them avenues to channel their potential in accordance with Islamic values. Since its inception in 2011, Youth Club is working to create well-balanced individuals, who are not only skilled in their respective fields but also recognize and fulfil their religious obligations and participate actively in their communities.

Here is what the founders of youth club envisioned it to be years ago:

  • To give an environment to
    the youth to understand
    islam in its true essense
    and spirit. 
  • Be a unique platform for
    youth, by youth according
    to their psychological needs
  • An enriching platform for the
    young who not only want to
    have fun but also look forward
    to practicing Muslim who is a
    future leader.
  • To train youth for exemplary
    characters for the much needed
    revival of a true islamic society.
  • To equip youth with a
    vision & lifestyle that
    drives them out of the
    time wastage activities
    and connects them with

The element of spirituality that represents an awakening, a new
beginning towards the Deen/The Right Creed, a beautiful story of
change. This transformation provides an individual with the
correct lens for decision-making, based upon the Islamic
philosophy of life via the Qur’an and Sunnah.


The element of education, to create well-informed
individua ls, who are aware of the current affairs of the world,
having keen insight and possessing the power to express
themselves through the written word.



The element of vision to create unique visionary
individuals, also a representation to involve individuals
into co-curricular activities and to harness the power of
modern media to propagate the message.

Speech/quotation marks:
The element of good public speaking skills, to be able to express ones thoughts and opinions confidently and with wisdom. To create individuals who possess eloquence so that the can be the defenders of Deen.

Building Role Models worldwide!

Youth Club aims to work for nurturing, mentoring and guiding the youth to be practicing Muslims with
good understanding of dunya, to become the people of Quran and Sunnah, like Sahabas (companions of
the Prophet s.a.w) to spread the message of Deen all across the globe.


Nurturing the mind, body & soul of young individuals, in a fun & relatable
manner, to become future leaders

YC aims at guiding, grooming and mentoring young individuals in a friendly and approachable manner.
  Mind: to develop skills and intellect
  Body: to train and encourage good physical health
  Soul: to build a strong foundation of deen rooted in the correct Aqeedah & tazkiyah (self- purification)

So that they be the right change of the future by leading in every walk of life with correct lens of deen and duniya. (leaders)



Primary Audience

Age group



Building role models worldwide

Nurturing mind, body and soul in a fun and relatable manner to make future leaders

Primarily University and college students

10 – 40

Make Islam-friendly movers and shakers of the future.

Short term: Events and workshops Long Term: Study circles (halaqas) and courses



Do it right and do for the pleasure of Allah purely.
إنَّمَا الْأَعْمَالُ بِالنِّيَّات
Actions are according to intentions

Kindness and

Let gentleness and kindness drive your dealings
with others.
بُعِثْتُ لِأُتَمِّمَ حُسْنَ الْأَخْلَاقِ
I have been sent to perfect good character.


Have and nurture your passion for dawah.
Verily, Allah loves that when anyone of you does a job
he should perfect it.

Hard work and

Hard work and dedication
Translate your passion into hard work and
dedicate your time and energy in the path of
Allah. Discipline your life to be more productive
and invest fully to the job appointed.
وَاَنۡ لَّيۡسَ لِلۡاِنۡسَانِ اِلَّا مَا سَعٰىۙ
Man will not get anything unless he works hard


Us before Me. Provide ease and facilitate others at the best of your capabilities.
لَا يُؤْمِنُ أَحَدُكُمْ حَتَّى يُحِبَّ لِأَخِيهِ مَا يُحِبُّ لِنَفْسِهِ
None of you will believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself

How We

Offering a multitude of lectures, life changing workshops, weekly learning classes, summer camps and lots
more, YC’s activities span a spectrum of thematic areas, supported through different mediums.

1. Events & Workshops

When: Biannual or Triannual
           Where: Multiple cities

Examples: The Fun Theory, Qabool Hai & Beyond, LOST, Love Struck, Being Her, Jinns and Black Magic, Final Rites,
Colour Me Happy, Age of Fitnah, Sinless etc.
         Conducted by: Knowledgeable and experienced experts in their respective domains

2. Weekly Halaqahs/Classes

When: Weekly
           Where: Various accessible public and private venues across Islamabad, Lahore & Karachi.

Examples: Gems from the Quran, Promised, Wednesday Night Exclusive, Destination: Jannah, A Tale of Hope,
Detox, Transform, Sisters’ Circle etc.
         Conducted by:YC Team Members and YC Panel of Experts

3. University/College Lectures

When:  Frequently, Invitation-based
           Where:  Schools, colleges & universities

Examples: The 21st Century Muslims, Inside Out, Road to Ramadan, Discovering Peace & Happiness, Being Her etc.  
       Conducted: YC Team Members and YC Panel of Experts

4. Street Dawah

When:  Bi-Monthly or Monthly 
           Where:  Streets, Round-Abouts, Signals, Lanes…you name it and we are there!

Examples: Topics included Atheism, Oneness of Allah, Purpose of life
       Conducted: YC’s Special Dawah Experts’ Team

5. Annual Tour “Winds of Change”

When:  Once a Year
           Where:  Road Trip Across Pakistan 

Examples: Islam Today, Shariah Law: Barbaric or Misunderstood, Rearing the Strong Nation, The Unseen World,
The Spiritual Cardiologist, Haya .. and much more.
       Conducted: The tour consists of lectures, talks, workshops, street dawah, counseling sessions, advice, naseeha
and team building exercises within each city. It is conducted by YC core team members accompanied with
eminent speakers and da’ees.

6. Halal Entertainment

When:  Monthly or Quarterly
           Where:  Mosque, Clubs, Sports Fields, Hiking track etc.

Examples: Water Sports, Horse Riding, Archery, Football, Cricket, ‘Lock-up Masjid’, Hiking, Picnics, Breakfasts etc.
       Conducted: YC Team

7. Youth Club Football Academy (YCFA)

When:  Biweekly
           Where:  Football Field. 
       Conducted:  Qualified Football Coach along with talks & spiritual reminders by YC speakers.

8. YC Kids Program

When: Weekly, Monthly, in special months such as Ramadan & Summer Vacations
           Where:  Inside venues or Outside

Examples: ‘Deen Adventurers’, ‘Super Troupers Camp’, Gardening, Wood Carving, Carpentry, Canvas painting,
Archery, Barbecue, Kids Ramadan Taraweeh etc
       Conducted: YC Team Members and Trained Speakers

9. Recreational and Spiritual Trip (RaST)

When:  Once a year in summer vacations
           Where:  Outside City Excursions

Examples: 3 days’ trip to Bhurban that includes character building workshops, sports and outdoor games,
leadership training, BBQ, bonfire and so much more
       Conducted: Senior YC Male Team Members and Trained Speakers

10. YC Taraweeh Program

When:  Every Ramadan
           Where:  Marquee in Islamabad      
        Conducted: We provide a 2-in-1 experience of Taraweeh & Tafseer to its attendees. A special kids area
is available and tea/snacks are also served!


Youth Club’s social media presence initiated from a single page on Facebook in 2011 and further spread to Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. The power of Youth Club’s social media platforms was so intense that it prompted other Youth Club Chapters-Lahore, Karachi, Sialkot and Faisalabad-to establish social media pages of their own, all in efforts to strengthen the core.

Apart from Social Media, YC also believes in the ‘power of the pen’. Its very own YC Blog, through its contemporary topics, strives to provide refreshing insights into modern Muslim life, expands focus on building a solid Muslim identity while highlighting aspects that make a Muslim unique and special.

Endorsement of Zakat and Sadqat Youth Club

The Courses