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YC Taraweeh &
Tafsir Program

Have you ever gone for taraweeh and been frustrated by how an Imam recites too fast, too slow or not beautifully at all? Have random kids been shouting and circling around your legs in prayer and making you so mad? Have aunties or uncles been giving you looks and pointing fingers at you for how you aren’t praying the right way? I’m sure some of these experiences resonate with all of us!

Don’t worry, the Youth Club Taraweeh & Tafsir program has solved all your problems and brings you an ultimate spiritually uplifting 7-star Ramadan experience. As you enter the huge hall, you are struck by the welcoming environment- there are young people around, chilling with their friends until taraweeh starts, there are no judgy looks from aunties or the YC volunteers, and those little mischief-makers are busy, having the time of their lives in the specially designed fort that has been created for them- and if you’re a mom, you couldn’t be happier!

Not only that, instead of your mind wandering and dozing off in what feels like Taraweeh marathons, you get to pray behind Qari Abdul Rauf who makes your hearts tremble with his beautiful recitation of the Qur’an. After every 4 units of prayer, you get to rest those legs and recharge with tea and snacks while Brother Raja Zia ul Haq enlightens you with a short and sweet session discussing the relevant concepts from the verses that were recited in the prayer.  

The session would end around 11:15 pm, concluded by a heart-felt dua in the witr prayer, leaving us all teary- eyed! This program felt like a blessing for every working person who wanted to go through the explanation of the Qur’an but couldn’t manage it during the day, for every youngster who couldn’t find friends in other masaajid, for every mother who could not go for taraweeh because of her kids. YC was highly appreciated for this endeavour and the organizers received tons of duas from the attendees!

Feedback about Taraweeh

When I found out that YC was offering taraweeh arrangements for mothers, I was over the moon! And this year, they not only had a kid’s area but they had fun jam packed activities going on every day. My kids enjoyed it so much that if i got lazy on a certain day, they would insist that they just had to go! Even now, they are eagerly waiting for Ramadan and are asking me, “Mommy when will we go to YC taraweeh?”

  • Sarah Chaudhry


I have been attending taraweeh for the last ten or more years in different places and mosques of Islamabad. I always look for a more engaging experience with better quality of Qirat, sound system and explanation of verses. Youth Club brought me to a focal point where not only me, but my whole family started attending regularly and learnt life-changing lessons from the Qur’an in tafsir time. It has proven to be an amazingly enriching experience for my Eman.


~ Fakhruzzia Basharat, Associate Prof. (Vice Principal, IMCG – F10/2)


“Last Ramadan with Youth Club was truly a pleasant experience, with life-changing tafsir of the Qur’an, taraweeh, snacks and a safe play area for the children.”

– Umm E Shaheer

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Sisters’ Circle

Youth Club arranges this really awesome 4-6 weeks program for girls named ‘Sisters’ Circle’. Mothers love to send their daughters to this unique annual program where the focus is on learning and skills’ improvement.

Sisters’ Circle is a one-of-a-kind brand of YC with amazing workshops like Arts & Crafts, Baking, Finishing School, Self Defence, Communication Skills, Photography and much more.
For the essential spiritual dose, a surah is selected for the explanation to connect the youth to the Qur’an, taught by a well-qualified speaker.

Girls participate in many outdoor activities such as archery, shooting, swimming, hiking and much more. On top of all of this, Social Welfare projects make Sisters Circle all the more interesting. We ensure shariah compliance in all activities, and this is why it is every parent’s first choice! The sisterhood and friendships that emerge from this program are long-lasting and beautiful!
The success of Sisters’ Circle can be seen from the immense positive feedback received from the participants and parents alike.

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Game On

Under the banner of ‘Game On’ Youth Club arranges cricket & football matches and other strength activities where young boys have a great opportunity to hit the ground and show their athletic skills followed by a spiritual reminder session at the end. Moreover, various sports activities are conducted for young individuals to help them build strength, stamina and speed. The focus is on setting and achieving high spiritual, mental and body goals.

Game On is actively functioning in all the chapters of Youth Club including Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. High-intensity games are provided to produce health benefits for the participants and it also helps in boosting confidence and social skills. This helps young boys to distract themselves from the negative thoughts and emotions that contribute to anxiety in this time and age.

The feedback from the participants shows that physical exercise has proven to be a great mood-lifter along with improving their mental health. Research also shows that adults have stronger recall and reasoning skills if they keep themselves physically active.

Youth Club’s team strongly believes that these games will develop a bond leading to team work and a strong brotherhood amongst the players, enabling them to have good company outside the playground as well.

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Sports Gala(Females)

Youth Club’s most awaited event for girls ‘Sports Gala’ happens twice a year. It’s every hijabi girl’s dream to play sports freely in the open air without any restriction and YC makes this dream a reality.

From cycling, cricket, table tennis, badminton, archery, jeopardy to trampolines and jumping castle… everyone’s favourite food and much more! Sports Gala has it all. A day full of endless fun activities where young girls get the chance to exhibit their inner athlete and bond with other girls along with a spiritual reminder. The right place to brush up on your game and polish your Emaan at the same time.

The dates of Sports Gala are announced on Youth Club’s social media accounts every year, so stay tuned for the next one.

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Lock Up Masjid

Who could have thought that it is possible to have the Masjid full of youth and keep them there for the whole night offering night prayers, Isha and Fajr? By the grace of Allah (SWT), we are able to achieve this through our much-loved event ‘Lock Up Masjid’.
Lock Up Masjid has indoor games, tongue twisters, quizzes and engaging lectures. By the end of the stay, the boys feel exhausted but satisfied at the same time, taking home a strong sense of belonging to the Masjid!
Teenagers get very aggressive and restless when parents and guardians want to limit their extensive use of gadgets and talk about love for the Masjid. This remarkable event has the power to bring young boys out of their nests and practically involve them in worship at the Masjid while enjoying it with good company and other games.
Spending time with Youth Club team brothers opens a new world for the young boys and helps in nurturing moral and ethical values in them. It is an opportunity to fortify the character of young boys by providing them with the experience of spending time at the Masjid and following the Sunnah of companions of the Prophet (SAW), this develops an everlasting love and connection with the Masjid.
Lock up Masjid is a unique program, consisting of carefully curated activities by the YC team that allows young boys to learn from scholars and make new friends. It leads to sharing a bond with like-minded company that will help them even when they are not at the Masjid.
Come and experience the Lock Up Masjid to fall in love with the house of Allah (SWT) and develop a special spiritual connection with your Lord!

Keep checking Youth Club’s official social media platforms to find out when it’s happening next!

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RaST – Recreational and Spiritual Trip

RaST stands for ‘Recreational and Spiritual Trip’ and it gives the youth the chance to free themselves from the bounds of indoor spaces and take their spiritual learning experience to the fresh and adventurous outdoors. Fulfilling the youth’s desire for fun-filled and memorable experiences, we at RaST take youngsters to find their spiritual calling amidst scenic views of nature where they can connect not only to their surroundings but also to their Creator.

Connecting youth to Allah (SWT) becomes more appealing if it is in their language. What attracts young boys to RaST is that, unlike a regular dawah session, this experience includes trips with the cool YC brothers, where they can enjoy adrenaline-pumping activities like challenging hikes and energizing sports. They experience brotherhood and learn that they can live life to the fullest while practising Islam devotedly.

RaST opens avenues to wholesome halal entertainment showing that practising Muslims are not the stereotypically boring people that they are widely perceived to be. Halal entertainment is just around the corner, we have to find ways for it and the sky’s the limit!

A signature one-day YC trip starts from breakfast at a local Dhaba to fuel the boys for a hike to tranquil terrains, praying shoulder-to-shoulder and concludes with the sweet ending of a reflective reminder session. RaST also arranges extended primarily lasting 3-4 days with additional activities like self-development workshops. Instilling lessons for a lifetime and helping them to grow intellectually, morally & spiritually. The Retreat includes both outdoor and indoor games, ranging from sports like Football and Volleyball to activities like the Scavenger hunt, debates and a bonfire event.

Travel, food and good company can do wonders to a growing mind. Nurtured in the cradle of nature these spiritually uplifting experiences help them mature into upright young men.

These one-day trips and retreats are perfect to unwind and also give parents peace of mind while they grant a share of their children’s tarbiyyah to the safe hands of YC.

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Youth Club: Wilderness Retreat

Introducing the Wilderness Retreat by Youth Club.

The Wilderness Retreat is a 3 day and 3 night trip away from the noisy city life. Into the tranquil mountains of Bhurban, Murree.

The retreat features many workshops by various YC  trainers including topics of personal and spiritual development. Instilling lessons for a lifetime and helping kids to grow intellectually, morally & spiritually.

But it doesn’t end there. The Retreat includes a multitude of fun-filled outdoor and indoor games, ranging from sports like Football and Volleyball to activities like the Scavenger hunt, debates and a bonfire event on the last night.

A few unique aspects of the Retreat include:

Points based system

  • Upon arrival, all participants are allocated to randomized groups. A trainer is appointed to each group. The groups are then introduced to the points based rating method.
  • It involves each Trainer rating every member of the team individually and the team as a whole.
  • Points may be awarded to individuals for various acts or efforts.(e.g. praying namaz in the first row)
  • Points may be awarded to a whole team as well(e.g. winning a football match)
  • At the end of the camp various awards are given out on the basis of the points. Including but not limited to titles like ‘Man of the camp’ and ‘team of the camp’ and various other rewards.

Tahajjud Prayer

The participants are introduced to prophetic way of starting the day. Waking up before dawn has many spiritual and health benefits, resisting the temptation to sleep also builds powerful discipline.

Guns and Roses
This is sort of a reflection practice. Everyone is given a chance to share positive (Roses) and negative (Guns) experiences from the previous day.
Fun Activities  
These range from sports like football to outdoor activities like hiking and the bonfire event. And indoor activities comprising of the paper tower challenge to team-quizzes on various topics.
Naseeha sessions
These are small fifteen minutes to an hour-long sessions given by various trainers,  where they share their story, experiences or just some valuable life lessons and insights. These may include topics like Music, Addictions & Dajjal.

All in all, the Wilderness Retreat is a wonderful learning opportunity for our youth. It is a chance for them to disconnect from their virtual lives of smartphones and reconnect with nature, make new friends and just have a fun-filled learning experience … all within the boundaries of deen.

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