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Dr. Sohail Hassan

Dr. Sohail Hassan is a recognized Islamic scholar, who completed his PhD with distinction from Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with a specialization in Hadith Sciences. He is also a Muhadith, in the chain of Hadith narrators. Currently, he is a Professor at the Department of Hadith, Faculty of Usuluddin, International Islamic University Islamabad. He has also worked in the role of Director Dawah Academy, IIUI Islamabad.

Educational Background
Ph.D. from Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
M.A. from Islamic University, Madinah, Saudi Arabia
B.A. from Islamic University, Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Raja Zia ul Haq

Raja Zia ul Haq is an Islamic motivational speaker, and instructor of Islamic studies and Dawah. He holds a BSc. Hons in Computing from the University of Portsmouth (UK) and a master’s degree in Information Technology from the University of Canberra (Australia). He has had a long career in IT consulting, marketing, business development, and strategy. Since 2009, he has taught courses in the BBA and MBA programmes at Bahria University (Islamabad). He is a passionate student of Islam and has studied from leading Islamic scholars of Pakistan including Dr. Fazal Elahi, Dr. Sohail Hasan, and Dr. Khalil-ur-Rehman Chisti. He is currently pursuing a second master’s degree in Islamic studies from Islamic Open University.

He has delivered lectures, weekly talks, and workshops on various Islamic topics all over Pakistan. He has guest-lectured multiple times at several renowned institutions and universities in Pakistan such as IBA, GIKI, NUST, FAST, UET, Beaconhouse, City School, Roots, and LGS, etc. Additionally, he has appeared on local television on channels like ARY and ATV. He was a recurring guest in long-running television programs on Paigham TV, under the patronage of Sheikh Abdur Rehamn as-Sudais.

His workshops have been successfully conducted on various topics and in various formats over the years. His most popular workshops include The Spiritual Cardiologist, a tazkiya based course derived from the works of Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Qayyim and Sheikh Saleh al Munnajid; LoveStruck, a workshop dealing with issues related to love, relationships, and temptations; and, Sinless, a course based on Ibn Qayyim’s Ad-Daa’I wa Dawaa, investigating the causes and effects of sins. He also has recurring yearly courses such as Around the Quran in 30 Days which provides a daily commentary of the Quran during Ramadan. Several masajid in Islamabad have hosted his courses, which include a 14-day course on Tafseer at Masjid Tawheed (G-10) and a two-month course on Islamic creed at Masjid Al-Aqsa (F-6). He has given talks in the country’s most prestigious Islamic organisations including the Madinah Islamic Research Centre, Jamiah Abu Bakr, Al Huda Institute, and Al Wabil Institute of Islamic Knowledge.

Raja Zia ul Haq is very much experienced in Dawah and Dawah training. He has conducted the Ultimate Dawah Training program, a course built upon iERA’s training methods to cater to a Pakistani audience. He has given dawah training workshops and talks at Masjid Al-Aqsa, International Islamic University, Madinah Islamic Research Centre, and Role Model Institute.

Raja Zia is currently the CEO of Youth Club, a youth-led Dawah organization working to instruct, train, and engage young Muslims to become future leaders. Through Youth Club, Raja Zia has conducted nationwide tours, mega workshops, and online weekly sessions on contemporary issues and dilemmas and their solutions in Islam. He is, in addition, a part-time lecturer at International Islamic University, Islamabad, teaching courses on professional ethics, and Islamic worldview. He also delivers semester-length courses at FAST, FMDC, and Riphah University on various Islamic subjects.

Asim Hameed

Master of Science, Software Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology. Bachelor of Science, Computer Science from FAST NU Islamabad. One year Fehm Kitaab o Hikmat Course from Tawheed Academy, Islamabad. Three Month Qur’an o Sunnat study course from Dar-ul-Falah, Lahore. Worked with various Islamic organizations and technical companies.

Endorsement of Zakat and Sadqat Youth Club

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