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Raja Zia Ul Haq
Speaker at Youth Club

Raja Zia ul Haq, the CEO of Youth Club, popularly known for hosting his very own ‘Maulvi With An Attitude’ podcast, has garnered immense appeal amongst the youth through his fun and interactive talks and lectures. He did his Bachelor’s in Computing from the University of Portsmouth, England and his Master’s in Information Technology from the University of Canberra, Australia.

Having travelled extensively in many different countries, he has learned from some of the world’s most distinct cultures. Associated with the corporate sectors for many years, he has over ten years of professional work experience in Sales and Marketing for IT, as well as in the Media and Telecom industry. 

For over a decade now, he has settled back in Pakistan, conducting numerous lectures and workshops in reputable national and international institutions, including the University of Southampton England, NUST, IBA, Shifa College of Medicine, RMC, Beaconhouse, Roots, Froebels, Westminster Schools, LGS and many more.

Raja Zia Ul Haq, a combination of real-time experience and diverse exposure, along with his sound knowledge and study of Islam, sets him apart in his approach to communicating the correct way of life. A life built on the path ordained by Allah (SWT), yet practical in every sense.


Muhammad Ali
Speaker At Youth Club

With a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering & Sciences (GIKI) and a Master’s in Applied Psychology, Muhammad Ali is a passionate Teacher, Trainer, Educator and Motivational Speaker. Currently, he is pursuing a Master’s in Islamic Sciences from Islamic Online University (IOU).

Associated with the field of public speaking and training since 2014 and known for his energetic and interactive style of delivery, Ali has trained members of different companies and institutes some of which include PEL, Akhuwat, Pixels Software House, CSS Academy (Walton, Lahore), Police Academy (Shimla Pahari, Lahore), PITB (Punjab Information technology board), Gerry’s dnata and many more. Apart from this, he has also delivered lectures in various universities and institutes, including LUMS, UMT, COMSATS, NUST, GIKI, and many others.

He has been a part of Youth Club since its inception, and has played a major role in its establishment. With a vision to help people become well-acquainted and skilled individuals not only in their respective fields but also in fulfilling their religious obligations, Muhammad Ali has dedicated his life to bringing about productivity in the lives of the youth. 

In 2016, he was also selected as one of the speakers from the top 30 speakers of Pakistan for Punjab University IER department’s mega annual business event, ‘Parwaaz’.


Tuaha ibn Jalil
Speaker at Youth Club

Tuaha Ibn Jalil did his majors in Human Resource Management from Szabist and is currently working as the Country Head at Youth Club. He is a Trainer, Entrepreneur, and Life Coach.

A Speaker at heart, he has been invited for talks at TedX, CSS Academy, Tech conferences, and many other reputable institutes like LUMS, GIKI, and NUST. A life mentor to many, he runs his own podcast, ‘Wednesday Night Exclusive’, and has conducted training on Sleep & Time Management and Work-Life Balance on both private and governmental levels.

Being a social media influencer with over 2 million followers, his work for religion has not stopped him from being a Harley rider, polo player, and a cliff diver. Considered to be one of the leading trainers in Pakistan, Tuaha Ibn Jalil’s passion for fulfilling his vision has made him love Mondays and hate Saturdays.


Wajih Uddin
Speaker At Youth Club

Wajih Uddin acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences and a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management. He has completed an 8-year official scholars degree from Wifaq ul Madaris, along with a Masters in Islamic Studies. In addition, he also holds a certification from the School of London. Currently enrolled in the Islamic University of Medinah, he is completing his Shariah degree while working as the Chapter Head of Sindh at Youth Club Karachi.

Wajih Uddin is not new to the field of dawah, having over 18 years plus of experience under his belt. An educationist by profession, he has held many managerial and teaching positions in his 15 years plus of experience. He has served as a Dosen for subjects such as Economics, Islamic Studies and Business Ethics at several educational institutions. Regarded as one of the most sought-after guest speakers, he has spoken at some of the most renowned institutes of Pakistan, including IBA, Szabist, Ziauddin, FAST, IOBM, KGS and so on.

Being affiliated with the media industry, he has hosted his own show while working with several other TV channels at the same time. Wajih Uddin has also been a former General Media Manager of Mercy Mission Pakistan, an international organisation with a presence in Malaysia, Australia, England and other countries.


Mugheerah Luqman
Speaker at Youth Club

Mugheerah Luqman is the Head of the Tarbiyah Department at Riphah International University and the Regional Director at Youth Club, Punjab. He is an ACCA associate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University, UK. Along with his secular studies, he is currently doing his PhD in Islamic Studies. 

Having a keen interest in Islamic Psychology, he has produced a research paper in the international journal on ‘Ibn Qayyim’s Islamic Psychology’ and recently published his book: Foundations of Islamic Psychology. 

Along with teaching, he has also appeared on national and international television within Pakistan and abroad, including on the UAE’s Television for youth-related issues. A speaker at heart, he has delivered several khutbahs in mosques around the world as well as talks in renowned international universities, including Yale-NUS College in Singapore.

In the past few years, Mugheerah has been conducting a range of different workshops and teaching academic courses at different reputable universities in Pakistan, such as LUMS, IBA, and others.


Ali Ehtisham
Speaker At Youth Club

Ali Ehitisham holds a degree in Pharm. D (R.Ph), as well as a Master’s in Public Health from Hamdard University. His professional journey has encompassed both the industrial and hospital sectors, where he has served as a Chief Pharmacist. 

Currently, Ali takes on the role of leading the Media department at Youth Club, where he effectively manages a creative team responsible for crafting captivating posters and thought-provoking videos. Beyond the professional sphere, he actively engages in street dawah, delivering talks and offering one-on-one counselling, showcasing his dedication to community service and spiritual growth.

Notably, Ali Ehtisham, also known as Ali. E on Youtube, is an adventure enthusiast whose unique style of creating travel and motorcycle-related adventure videos, along with lifestyle vlogs and food reviews, has garnered a significant following. His content inspires and entertains, making him a recognised name in the world of digital media.


Mohsin Cheema
Speaker at Youth Club

Currently pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration, Mohsin Cheema has been working diligently for Youth Club Trust along with conducting dawah sessions from the platform of ‘Super Troupers’ – a project of Youth Club. 

He has studied from one of the most renowned scholars, Dr Sohail Hassan, during a one-year extensive Islamic course, ‘Fehme Kitab-o-Hikmat’.

In the past few years, he has been active in the field of education, teaching business studies to O/A levels as well as some marketing courses in Rawalpindi, Islamabad. Moreover, Mohsin Cheema has also conducted dawah training workshops for students and professors at PhD level.


Nadeem Ashraf
Speaker At Youth Club

Nadeem Ashraf has undergone extensive Islamic training and shares his knowledge through enlightening talks on a wide range of topics. Currently, he is immersed in the study of Aqeedah,Tawheed and Philosophy and his areas of expertise include Dawah to Non-Muslims, Engaging with Muslim Youth, Dealing with Rejection, Purpose of Life, Existence of God and more.

Nadeem’s influence extends beyond borders, as he has had the honour of speaking at prestigious international institutes in the United Kingdom, including the London School of Economics (LSE), the University of Southampton, the University of Portsmouth, Manchester Metropolitan University, Coventry University, and the University of Bradford. In his home country, Pakistan, he has conducted training sessions at institutions such as NUML, COMSATS, and Riphah International University.

Nadeem Ashraf is also an active speaker at Youth Club, both within and outside Pakistan. His dedication to sharing valuable insights and his ongoing pursuit of wisdom make him a truly inspirational figure in the field of Islamic education and intellectual exploration.


Irfan Shaheen
Speaker at Youth Club

Irfan Shaheen has graduated from Abu Bakr Islamic University Karachi and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Dawah-O-Usool Ud Din from the Islamic University Of Madinah. Besides, he has acquired an 8-year official scholars degree from Wifaq ul Madaris and completed a 250-hour education course, ‘Training of Trainers’. 

Serving as a Teacher, Trainer, and Advisor at Youth Club, Irfan has conducted multiple workshops in different schools and universities. His main focus revolves around youth-centric topics which could help them navigate effectively including Time Management, Leadership, Art Of Success, and Parenting. 


Khurram Alvi
Speaker At Youth Club

Khurram Alvi is an Entrepreneur, licensed NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Speaker, and Counsellor at Youth Club. He has an undergrad in Electrical Engineering from the University of Manchester England, and an MBA from NUST Business School. 


Khurram also holds a certification in Entrepreneurship from MIT (USA) and has completed a one-year certificate course in Islamic Psychology and Counselling from Islamic Online University (IOU). He has years of work experience in the corporate sector in the UK, Australia and Pakistan and the opportunity to experience and learn from some of the world’s unique cultures.

He has also been studying Islamic Sciences for several years from some of the most renowned teachers and scholars of Islamabad. Being a dynamic public speaker, he has conducted multiple lectures and series on topics such as Role Modelling, Muslim Heroes, End of Times, Diseases of the Heart, Names of Allah and so on.

A sports enthusiast at heart, Khurram is also the Founder and CEO of 313 Football Academy while being a valued Mentor and a Life Coach for his players and their parents. He is also a Co-Founder and CMO at Al-Thaqafah – an Islamic lifestyle brand.


Haider Kaiser Satti
Speaker at Youth Club

Haider Kaiser Satti is a practising Civil Engineer and a successful entrepreneur by profession. Currently serving as the Dawah Head of the Karachi chapter of Youth Club, he is also a sought-after Speaker, Mentor, and Trainer. In addition, committed to the study of Islamic Sciences, he learns under the supervision of notable scholars across Pakistan.

Haider conducts regular ‘Revival Series’ classes and motivational talks at various academic and corporate institutes. He also plays a pivotal role as a Counsellor at the UMatter department of Youth Club, offering valuable guidance to individuals of all ages. 

A petrol head, father and a regional-level track & field athlete, Haider Kaiser Satti also is an active analyst with a close eye on current affairs.


Ahmed Khan
Speaker At Youth Club

Ahmed Khan is a distinguished teacher and researcher with a Bachelor’s in Law from the University of Essex, followed by a brief career as a corporate lawyer. His journey of Islamic knowledge began in 2010, leading him to study Islamic Sciences extensively under scholars from the UK, Pakistan, and Egypt, completing courses in Aqeedah, Hadith, Fiqh, Arabic Language, and Usool.

Subsequently, Ahmed earned his Masters in Law, specialising in International Law and Human Rights, from the University of Essex. He has been actively involved in Islamic research, both internationally and locally, and currently collaborates with an Islamic Center in Saudi Arabia, contributing to outreach programs that inform non-Muslims about the religion of Islam. With over a decade of teaching experience, he has helped numerous individuals navigate the complexities of Islamic Law and Theology, and his guidance has played a pivotal role in many individuals embracing the Islamic faith.

Apart from his academic and teaching pursuits, Ahmed is a passionate book reader with diverse interests in International Law, Philosophy, History, Geopolitics, Comparative Religion, Theology, and Human Rights. He also imparts his knowledge by teaching Jurisprudence and International Human Rights Law for the University of London Law degree at Beaconhouse International College.


Zeeshan Khalid.
Speaker at Youth Club

Zeeshan Khalid Youth Club

With a double Honour in Biological Sciences and Education from FCCU Lahore, Zeeshan Khalid is a qualified k-12 Educationist passionate about teaching. He is currently teaching A & O Levels Biology at International School Lahore (ISL), and The City School.

With regard to his religious education, he has studied the basics of Islamic Sciences from some local scholars of the Ropri Family and the basics of Quranic Arabic from Professor Abdur Rahman Tahir, Founder of Bait ul Quran and former Head of Arabic Department at Punjab University, Lahore. Apart from that, he is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Islamic Sciences from International Open University (IOU).

Zeeshan Khalid has attended many local and international forums, the most notable being the public speaking and dawah training session in Dubai, conducted by Mr Nisar Nadiadwala under Islamic Research Foundation in 2013. Moreover, he has also worked as a Tarbiyah Head and a Consultant with different Islamic Schools in Pakistan and has trained over 200 teachers in Islamic Pedagogy and Instructional design. 

With such diverse exposure in hand, he has developed a unique Islamic integrated academic tarbiyah program called the ‘Al-Falaq Tarbiyyah Program’ under the supervision and mentorship of Dr Bilal Philips.

One of the founding members of Youth Club Lahore, he has taught tajweed and tafseer courses, several workshops and has been an instructor of internship programs offered by Youth Club Lahore. Zeeshan Khalid’s teaching expertise are recognised internationally, inspiring others, especially his students, to look up to him in all of their academic and non-academic affairs.


Umar Tarar
Speaker at Youth Club

Umar Tarar did his Master’s in Computer Engineering from the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. He received an early age Quranic & religious education as a full-time student.

Moreover, he has also attended different da’wah training workshops by organisations like iERA & MRDF and Islamic courses both in the West and Pakistan. Currently, he is working with a German company in the software industry while serving as a Speaker at Youth Club.

Umar Tarar is well-travelled in Europe and some other parts of the world, which allowed him to connect with the non-Muslims and engage in da’wah. He actively participated in learning, teaching, giving reminders, and staying connected to Western religious institutions and scholars.


Abu Saad
Speaker at Youth Club

abu saad yc

A Muslim Entrepreneur with a vast professional experience at different corporations, Abu Saad has been successfully running different businesses since his teenage. Pursuing his innate interest and capabilities, he earned his Bachelor’s in Business and IT, followed by a Master’s in Finance and Accounts from the National American University, Sharjah.

Abu Saad’s deep fascination with the classical Arabic language was the catalyst for his profound connection with the Quran, prompting a transformative journey into the realm of Islamic Sciences. His extensive travels experiences across countries like Germany, the UK, China, Sri Lanka, and the Gulf states adds dynamically to his portfolio.

Beyond his business acumen and intellectual pursuits, Abu Saad is an avid biker and traveller, with a passion for exploring diverse cultures. He also serves as a physical fitness trainer, advocating for a balanced life that nurtures a healthy mind, body, and soul, emphasising the importance of dedication, discipline, and mental well-being.


Mariya Zahid
Speaker at Youth Club

Sister Mariyah has done her bachelors in Speech-Language Therapy & Audiology and is currently serving as a lecturer, a consultant speech therapist, and an audiologist at Ziauddin University, Karachi. As a speech therapist, she is also a part of the Centre of Inclusive Care.

Her Islamic education consists of Taleem ul Quran and Taleem ul Hadith courses and ongoing self-study. She is an avid seeker of knowledge and keeps herself involved in learning from different sources. She is highly passionate about the power of healing through the Quran and Hadith. Her hobbies and interests include writing, henna art, travelling, photography, and learning about history.


Dr. Farah Zeb
Guest Speaker at Youth Club

A medical doctor by profession and a former lecturer at Hamdard Medical College Karachi, Dr. Farah Zeb holds a PhD in Pharmacology where her research work comprised of a study on patients with depression and schizophrenia. 

As a dedicated student of the Qur’an and a reputable teacher for many years among her family and friends, she believes in learning and growing in her knowledge of the deen. She started her journey of Quran from Alhuda International and continued studying from online sources and various scholarly books for an in-depth understanding. As a mother and teacher, she has ample experience with the youth and is apt for counselling them through modern-day challenges. 

Moreover, she is an avid reader and an exceptionally creative writer who writes thought-provoking Urdu poetry as a hobby.


Dr. Kanwal Kaiser
Guest Speaker At Youth Club

Dr. Kanwal Kaisser is a pediatrician by profession, along with dynamic orator who has had several guest appearances on channels. Her debate with Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy against the -French earned her a great repute.
She is currently affiliated with AI-Huda International Welfare Foundation a t director of the Hamaray Bachchay Department. She has conducted several popular workshops on time management, anger management, emotional intelligence etc. at several medical colleges and other platforms. Currently, she holds regular sessions at AI-Huda International, AI-Nafees Medical College, IIQL and Youth Club.


Sara Asif
Speaker at Youth Club

Known for her exceptional talents as a Speaker, Teacher, and Mentor, Sara Asif holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, Mathematics, and Economics. She has also completed a comprehensive Islamic Studies course at Al Ilm Institute, being a core team member, teacher, and coordinator for over 16 years.

Having worked as a professional banker in the past, she actively participates in online courses, learning from diverse instructors around the world. Sara has also taught various subjects, including Tafsir, Tazkiyah e Nafs, Fiqh of Love and Marriage, History, Importance of Hadith, and many other relevant topics at Al Ilm. 

In addition to her teaching roles, she has conducted several workshops on Time and Sleep Management. Her contributions extend to founding various Islamic programs such as Quest, Perceptions, The Elements, Soulful Salah, and social welfare initiatives, including ‘WaterWise,’ a water conservation program. She has also served as the former President of Youth Club, Karachi.

Sara’s YouTube series ‘Being Her’ has gained immense popularity, thanks to her incredible style of delivery and speech, making it a valuable resource for her audience. Her ability to connect with audiences makes her a captivating figure for those seeking spiritual enrichment and personal growth.


Ayesha Zaka
Speaker At Youth Club

Ayesha has completed her PhD in Biotechnology with a focus on Human Genetics and holds several internationally acclaimed research publications. She has also studied Tafseer and Arabic through various online and onsite institutes and has made significant contributions in the field of Islamic education. 

Ayesha has served as a Deen Educator at Edopia Online and an instructor at the Islamic Reminders Pakistan Institute and is currently contributing as the Head of Publications at Youth Club. 

An accomplished Life Coach with a wealth of experience in addressing the concerns of young individuals, Ayesha actively conducts interactive workshops and delivers engaging talks at numerous colleges and universities, sharing valuable insights with the audience.

Ayesha is also an avid reader, constantly seeking to expand her horizons.


Khazra Azam
Speaker at Youth Club

Khazra Azam, Sister’s Head at Youth Club Islamabad, is one of the founding members and holds an MPhil degree in Media & Communication Studies. While being a gold medalist at her university, she also acquired a diploma in Quranic education and certifications in Hadith & Tajweed. 

Moreover, she has three years of experience working with International Islamic University and Riphah International University as a Researcher & Visiting Lecturer. Despite her family commitments, she stays active in pursuing her passion for entrepreneurship, photography and teaching.

Her strengths as a team member include time management skills, professional proofreading, and planning & coordination for projects. Apart from her daily routine, Khazra Azam loves to read, bake and spend time in nature. 


Iman Anwar
Speaker At Youth Club

Iman Anwar holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Punjab University College of Pharmacy in addition to an MPhil in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Currently, she is serving as the Sister’s Head at Youth Club Lahore. 

Iman’s story is one of inspiration, as she transitioned from a non-practicing life to become a polished Speaker in Youth Club’s Dawah team. Her passion for knowledge extends beyond the sciences and is devoted to learning Quranic Tafsir and Arabic. She is currently engaged in a Saut-ul-Quran course from Al-Huda and has also completed the Fahm ul Quran course from the same institution.

Apart from that, she was also pursuing a Master of Arts in Islamic Studies (MAIS) from the Islamic Online University (IOU), although decided to discontinue this academic pursuit to focus on her other responsibilities and interests.

Her extraordinary energy shines through in her speaking sessions, where she skillfully addresses topics like Identity Crisis, Loving and Owning Oneself, and Dealing with Hardships while connecting them to the Quran and their relevance in our daily lives.

Iman Anwar is not only a speaker and a scholar but also a poet and creative expression extends to painting and writing, which she enjoys during her free time.


Hajrah Khawar
Speaker at Youth Club

Hajrah Khawar, one of the pioneers of Youth Club has earned her Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communication studies from the International Islamic University, Islamabad. She also serves as the Sister’s Head for Youth Club Karachi. 

In her journey of religious education, Hajrah has pursued various courses, including Taleem ul Quran, Taleem ul Hadith, and Taleem ut Tajweed, deepening her understanding of Islamic studies. Her passion for the Arabic language has led her to attain a Diploma in Arabic from the Islamic Online University (IOU). Additionally, she has also studied Fiqh ul Quloob under the guidance of Dr. Farhat Hashmi.

Beyond her professional and religious pursuits, Hajrah Khawar is a well-rounded individual with a love for reading, writing, baking, and the company of friends. She finds solace in travel and cherishes moments spent in nature.


Hajrah Usman Khan
Speaker At Youth Club

Hajrah Usman Khan is incharge of the UMatter department as well as a prominent instructor at Youth Club’s weekly halaqahs and events, helping masses in navigating through daily life challenges and mental health issues. 

She is well-known for her active accessibility and empathising nature. In addition, you will always find her focusing on good diet and fitness along with the nourishment of the soul through her weekly seminars and one-on-one sessions.

Over the years, she has served in different professional roles with her husband and three intelligent kids. A gourmet cook and make-up enthusiast, Hajrah is found socialising and travelling in her free time.


Ayisha Yahya
Speaker at Youth Club

Ayisha Yahya has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Islamic Online University (IOU) and is also currently engaged in memorization of the Quran.

As a Youth Club speaker, she addresses topics related to psychology and self-awareness in the light of Islamic teachings. She has a striking ability to connect with her audience through her natural tone and practical daily-life examples. She is currently conducting a weekly class, “Quran Therapy”.


Mahnoor Arif
Speaker At Youth Club

Mahnoor Arif is a graduate of EME College, NUST, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. In addition to her technical expertise, she possesses a Diploma in Quran and Hadith. Beyond her academic pursuits, she is a thriving entrepreneur, successfully managing her own business named ‘Doodle Stories.

Currently, Mahnoor serves as the head of the YC Shop as well as a Speaker at Youth Club, where she has garnered overwhelming praise from her audience for her powerful and emotionally resonant speaking style. She has also been an active Mentor at UMatter, specialising in resolving pre-shadi/rishta struggles, providing valuable support to those navigating these challenging situations.

In her leisure time, Mahnoor indulges in her passions for reading, writing, and doodling, which not only reflect her creativity but also provide her with a well-rounded and enriching life.


Sana Azaz
Speaker at Youth Club

An ambitious and detail-oriented Architect from the National College of Arts, Sana Azaz has done a double Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Physics from Punjab University and was sponsored by her college to study at Boston Architectural College in Massachusetts during her architectural degree. Alongside, she has also been studying with renowned Islamic scholars and is currently working at Youth Club as a speaker.

For the past few years, she has been actively delivering talks at different schools and universities and conducting regular weekly classes and workshops. Besides speaking, she is currently mentoring for Youth Club’s UMatter initiative, a platform made especially for individuals to discuss their personal, social, and marital affairs. Sana Azaz has also been highly appreciated for her involvement in multiple community welfare projects, including her role in creatively renovating the Sila School for underprivileged kids.

Apart from her hobbies, including interior designing, travelling, photography, trekking, and meeting new people, she also aspires to visit Australia for further studies


Mishal Shahwani
Speaker At Youth Club

Mishal Shahwani is a living embodiment of a strong woman and has been involved in supporting mission and vision of Youth Club along with her family. She acquired her religious education through Quran & Hadith diploma courses after doing her A-levels. She is currently enrolled in BS Psychology at the Islamic Online University. 

Mishal is a homeschooling mom to a 4-year-old boy and has taught Quranic tafsir at different institutes and events. She is also a certified life coach and her strength lies in her natural tone and ability to analyse the life with her wise outlook. 


Madiha Akhtar
Speaker at Youth Club

Madiha Akhtar, one of the founding members of Youth Club, holds a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from the National University of Science and Technology, Islamabad. Her academic prowess has led her to serve as a lecturer at various national and international universities, where she has contributed to the growth of future engineers and technologists.

In her role at Youth Club, Madiha has served as the first-ever CEO in the past and currently contributes as the HR Manager. Her solution-oriented mindset and rational thinking have made her a valuable source of guidance and counsel within the organisation. Madiha excels in matching the right individuals with the most fitting job roles, making her an expert in HR management.

Outside her professional endeavours, Madiha Akhtar is a loving mother and a mentor to her young girls and son. Her gentle yet firm tone, combined with her strong decision-making skills, has earned her a reputation for being an influential guide and source of inspiration. In her personal life, Madiha Akhtar finds joy in various pursuits, including teaching, coding, connecting with nature, and organising.


Huda Nouman
Speaker At Youth Club

Huda Nouman is currently enrolled in an undergraduate program specialising in International Relations. Her academic pursuits took off during her A-Level studies at Head Start, where she explored the disciplines of English Literature, Sociology, and World History.

She has studied the Quran from Al Huda and takes keen interest in the tadabbur of Quran which has been facilitated for her through the religious environment of her home. Beyond that, she has an eye for contemporary isms and schisms. 

Huda has not only been a learner but also a dedicated teacher. She has shared her knowledge of selected surahs of the Quran, lives of female companions, and the early caliphate, alongside providing an in-depth history of Palestine. Her commitment to education extends to public speaking, which she has taught at Al-Falah Academy.

In addition, Huda is also a certified Islamic life coach and a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She serves as the Manager of YouthClubbers as well as a Speaker at Youth Club. 


Nasheman Ali
Speaker at Youth Club

Nasheman Ali is a Chartered Accountant with a wealth of experience in multinational corporations, and has made significant contributions to the Finance Department of Youth Club.

Her service in Dawah, began in 2014, and she has diligently served in this capacity ever since. She completed a 4-year Quran course, which deepened her understanding of the Quran.

Nasheman’s quest for knowledge extends beyond the realm of Islamic studies. She has successfully completed teacher training, leadership, and public speaking courses, equipping her with effective skills for sharing knowledge and making a lasting impact. 

Her journey as a dynamic speaker began in 2017 when she became a member of Youth Club’s speaker panel. She is occasionally invited as a guest speaker by prestigious educational institutes.


Maria Javed Khan
Speaker At Youth Club

Maria Javed Khan is a graduate of the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), with a degree in Mass Communication. She is a passionate photographer, gifted writer, and a compelling speaker.

Maria has a strong commitment to social welfare causes and has actively engaged with non-governmental organisations such as PPO and IDCLC, where she held the vital role of Media Head. Her leadership skills were also evident as she spearheaded Project Dastaan.

Maria’s dedication to social betterment goes beyond administrative roles; she has conducted training workshops on trauma-informed interviewing, a skill crucial for compassionate journalism. Moreover, she has contributed her time and expertise as a volunteer photographer for the BlueBird Project, among her many other endeavours.

Moreover, she has fearlessly documented issues such as animal abuse, the mistreatment of the elderly, and the struggles faced by individuals born intersex. Her lens and pen have become powerful tools for advocacy and change.

A gold medalist and an avid reader, currently Maria Javed Khan serves as a Writer within the Publications department of the Youth Club.


Afreen Nawaz
Speaker at Youth Club

Afreen holds a degree in Computer Systems Engineering from NUST and served as the Vice President of the NUST Welfare Society (NVC). Afreen’s commitment to nurturing the minds of the next generation is showcased in her role as a coach for Model United Nations (MUNs) and parliamentary debates.

Afreen has completed the Tafseer Quran (TQ) course and a Hadith course from Al Huda. Her commitment to personal development is further demonstrated by her certification as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner.

In addition to her academic and community engagements, she also contributes as the Assistant Head at YC Cares, indicating her active involvement in social welfare initiatives. She also occasionally leads different YC sessions, sharing her knowledge and insights with others.

Afreen Nawaz is an avid reader, although her busy schedule often leaves her with limited time to engage in reading. She is really fond of children, evident in her role as a mother of two, and loves travelling and adventure.


Huda Nouman
Speaker At Youth Club

Huda Nouman is currently enrolled in an undergraduate program specialising in International Relations. Her academic pursuits took off during her A-Level studies at Head Start, where she explored the disciplines of English Literature, Sociology, and World History.

She has studied the Quran from Al Huda and takes keen interest in the tadabbur of Quran which has been facilitated for her through the religious environment of her home. Beyond that, she has an eye for contemporary isms and schisms. 

Huda has not only been a learner but also a dedicated teacher. She has shared her knowledge of selected surahs of the Quran, lives of female companions, and the early caliphate, alongside providing an in-depth history of Palestine. Her commitment to education extends to public speaking, which she has taught at Al-Falah Academy.

In addition, Huda is also a certified Islamic life coach and a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She serves as the Manager of YouthClubbers as well as a Speaker at Youth Club. 


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    Our speakers are regularly invited to top-class schools, colleges and universities to conduct workshops and seminars for their students. We get a chance to meet with youth from all walks of life and engage with them on relevant topics of modern times, providing one-on-one free mentoring sessions and answering their burning questions

    Universities, colleges and government organisations that have invited us from all over Pakistan include
    FAST-NU Islamabad, Generations School Karachi, Rehman Medical Institute Peshawar, Punjab Police Academy, Pakistan Military Academy, CECOS University Peshawar, The Millennium University College (TMUC) Islamabad, Air University Islamabad, Shifa Medical College, Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology, Quaid e Azam University, Institute of Business Administration Karachi, ICMAP, Khawaja Muhammad Safdar Medical College Sialkot, DOW Medical University Karachi, LUMS Lahore, The Froebel’s School, Westminster School Islamabad, NUST Islamabad, CSS Academy Lahore…among many others.

    Different themes & topics covered at various institutes by our esteemed speakers include:


    • LOST workshop
    • Is Life Just A Game
    • Purpose of Life
    • Things that Matter
    • Unplug Yourself


    • Anger Management
    • Time Management
    • Productive Muslims
    • Future goals of a Muslim
    • The Golden Decorum: Let your
      character shine
    • Life Goes On: Every cloud has a silver
    • Combat Kit – How to deal with
      challenges of life
    • Unleash the giant within
    • Change demands pain
    • Empowering Youth
    • Colour Me Happy


    • Age of Fitnah (Turmoil)
    • Valentine’s Day Special Edition
    • Science & Spirituality
    • Anti-dote (Solutions in age of turmoil)
    • Mental Health Problems
    • Addiction Controls – Breaking the Barriers
    • Is Feminism the answer to women
    • The Great Deception – Media &
    • Fitna-e-Dajjal
    • Left vs Right – The way forward
    • LGBTQ


    • The Spiritual Cardiologist
    • SinLess
    • Sealed Hearts
    • The Final Abode
    • Ramadan Reboot


    • LoveStruck
    • Qabool Hai
    • Gender Crisis
    • Women’s Issues in Pakistan
    • Love, Relationships and Heartbreaks
    • Love, Drugs and Rock n Roll


    • Jinns & Black Magic
    • Twenty-one Teaching Techniques of the
      Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
    • Life Around the Prophet (SAW)
    • The Science of Raising Kids Digital Dawah
    • The Unseen World – Reality of Shaytaan,
      Dajjal and Black Magic
    • Dreams and its Interpretations
    Endorsement of Zakat and Sadqat Youth Club