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Born Again

by Ayesha Mahsud Khan

Music, gossip, the thrill of a fast drive and youthful desire

What are angels, demons and the fury of hell’s naked fire?

Lost in pure ecstasy, who cares what tomorrow will bring!

Leather jackets, atheism, our porsches and diamond rings

Look alive my friends! We are children of the darkest hour

We erect our dreams in the depths of a baseless tower

Ah! The sheer grace of being wrapped in silks of black

How naïve we are to not miss the bone of faith, we lack

When it’s all over, goodbye, it’s time to go our separate ways

There is no silver lining, no rainbows, not even a hint of day

Pain, emptiness, depression and not a single soul in sight

Isn’t there anyone to give me comfort, to help me fight?

Sinking, falling deeper and deeper into filth and abyss

More pain, there is no hope, just a wretched night’s kiss

Is this the end? Can’t I be saved? Have my sins swallowed me?

As this thought crosses my mind, a cool breeze and I am free

I feel the hand of the mightiest might, the highest height

I have found salvation in the warmth of Allah’s light

I see the truth, I see it crystal clear, how can one deny?

The trees, the mountains, the giant whale and the house fly

Is this the path we have been trying to avoid for so long?

Is this the price of knowing how to differ right from wrong?

The kindness of God so infinite for a stained soul like mine

This is the mercy of my Lord, the only Being truly divine!

If this is it then forever I shall swim in the river of faith

Forever shall I bow, my past seems now a forgotten wraith

I am born again, I am flying high, I am soaring in heaven

I have found my solace I have finally found my safe haven.


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