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Century Special: A Look Back (In Words)


I’m sure all bloggers can relate to this: We feel excited every time we press ‘Publish’. Every time we do the tiny bit we can to inspire positive change. Every time, we add another drop to the ocean. Every post is reason enough to celebrate!

But when you reach 100 posts, that does call for something extra-special. TAKBEER!!!

On achieving this milestone, we at Youth Club Blog, express our gratitude to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala . We also thank all our talented writers and amazing editors for bearing with us and meeting deadlines (most of the time!). And of course, how can we forget to thank you, our loyal and interactive readers? Without you, we might as well be speaking to the walls!

As our Century Special post, we present for you excerpts from blog articles that you liked and appreciated the most. Tomorrow, stay tuned for “Century Special: A Look Back (In Pictures)” as we refresh some random Youth Club memories inshaAllah!

Imagine seeing people of all ages and from various backgrounds smiling, crying and laughing all together. Imagine them realizing how each and every one of them has truly had a rich learning experience and many awe-inspiring moments by listening to world-famous speakers! Now imagine all of that happening in Pakistan!

(Ali Naqash, Winds of Change)


There were days when the Quran spoke to my heart. There were days when I felt infinitely blessed to be on this journey. There were days when opening the Mushaf would bring tears to my eyes. There were days when I felt that I could trade the entire world to continue with and complete my hifdh. Yes, there were beautiful days and nights. And then, there was that day- which is yet the happiest day of my life- when I finally completed the hifdh. I cannot even try to describe that day in words.

(Anonymous Hafidh, Slow and Steady- An Incredible Hifz Journey)


Sometimes when I’m alone, I let my imagination run wild,
My mind wanders through deserts, I let the sand be my guide
I hear the hooves of horses, impatiently stamping the ground
They wait for the command of the leader, awaiting just a sound

(Hajrah Khawar, Gone with the Wind)


However, no matter how long and bushy a brother’s beard is or how high he wears his pants, very few of them actually compromise on beauty and age of the girl, though they might eventually compromise on wealth and nobility, and even piety. Everyone wants to marry a Cinderella or someone who looks like a beauty queen from Hollywood.

(Fareed Ahmad, Looking for A Spouse: Great Expectations)


As I write this, the marquee next door reverberates with Bollywood beats accompanied by sounds of cheers – obvious signs of a wedding. It makes one wonder whether it is really worthwhile to spend one’s life savings on a circus show without giving deeper thought to the actual union between the two people?

(Mariam Riaz, Ramblings of a Closet Feminist)


That small, secret smile that was for your eyes to see, that subtle speech you thought only you could feel the ‘depth’ of, the preference for you over any other talking companion… we all like that, don’t we? Only, we don’t realise how short-lived such crunchy bits of life are, and how endless the pain they leave behind.

(Maryam Qadeer, “CHARGE,” says the Devil, and we do!)


When this man, who has waited patiently for a fulfilling gaze on this one woman, looks at his wife and when he sits with her, and talks to her; who can explain the incredible emotions that this person is feeling? I find it hard to believe that such strong and pure emotions can be felt by a man who has always been in company of non-mehram females, holding their hands, hugging them, talking to them, joking, and playing around with them.

(Mohammad Ali, The Barakahs of Islamic Injuctions)


15. Go camping in the woods
16. Teach for free
17. Do archery while horse riding

(Nasser Ijaz Moghal, 20 things to do before you’re 25)


Rest of my life? That’s a joke right? Because I’m 40 and my body has started to become weak now. I get tired easily. I can’t do the things that I “dreamed” of doing. What was the ease that I was looking for? Where is the “whole life ahead of me” that I was promised I would be able to enjoy?

(Omer Shahid, Work Hard for the Rest of Your Life)


I do truly believe that at some point in your life, you will map out a new constellation in the sky. You will meet a person who will make you feel whole again. Who will make your world go bright and starry. The one person you would want to sit with on the patio all winter and drink coffee. When you can talk about anything and everything. Or maybe not talk at all, just being with them gets you through the day. Your outlet for crazy fears, wildest obsessions and nonsensical string of babble. Your impossible plans and initiatives, and this person will dream your dreams.

(Saadia Humayun, Broken Hearts and Picture Frames)


Scene 3:
Slave: My Master! I love you so much, I can do anything for you.
Master: ((slaughter your son))
Slave: Son, I have been ordered to slaughter you.
Son: Do as you are ordered to do, Abbi!

( Umm ‘Aisha, Sacrifice Lovingly)


Hahaha! Some of the things I’ve been learning and having fun with (with my Hijab on) include cycling, dune-bashing, fishing, jet-skiing, yachting, camping, rifle shooting and hiking. I love to explore and travel across the length and breadth of Pakistan, as well as other countries. The hijab doesn’t restrict me from having the time of my life.

(Umm Ibrahim, 8 myths about my Hijab)


It was like a gigantic wave of blood gushing in my aorta when I came close to him for the first time. I couldn’t resist the appeal to hold him close, embrace him against my chest, feel the raw aroma coming out of his body. I was feeling a unique warmth in both of us.

(Zaki Imtiaz, That strange little meeting..)


Gets to campus.. Meets his mates! High fives as if they are Americans – accidentally happen to be in Pakistan(!). Gets invited to a party or 2.. Then talks about cricket.. “What a shot, what a chakka!!”.. Followed by “The government is so messed up man..” Followed by “Did you see that girl in that lecture?” ..

(YC Street Dawah Team, The 2013 Youth!)


I flee from anything that would reconnect me to things from the past that were displeasing to Allah. I would rather be boiled in oil or shot in the head three times than go back to that lifestyle. Wallahi, I’m not even kidding. So I have absolutely zero regrets for the things I left behind.
(Blog Team, Point Blank: Interview with Raja Zia ul Haq)


Is there anything worth watching in dramas? Seriously, you tell me. I don’t watch dramas because it’s a pure wastage of time, and a believer’s time is too precious to be wasted in useless stuff.

(Blog Team, Exclusive Interview with ex-Actress Sara Chaudhry)

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