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Chapter 22: The Waning Dusk (series)


Myth: She probably likes me.

“She giggles every time I answer a question. Does she like me or is this some kind of game?”

Men are clueless. But I had no idea they were THAT clueless. A guy asked me this a long time ago and I had to struggle to give an answer that didn’t sound half as scathing as the ones in my head. Won’t go into the foreground or background of my opening lines that must have raised some eyebrows by now. The point you need to chew– is in this verse.

So, do not be too soft in your speech, lest someone having disease in his heart should develop fancies (about you); and do speak with appropriate words. (33:32)

This is something every parent should tell his or her daughter before sending her off to co-ed school. Your non-verbal cues, gestures, tone and choice of words are some of the most important things you need to keep a check on when interacting with the opposite gender. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just women who spin fantasies in their heads, though their khush fehmiyan are arguably well-grounded. It’s usually men who tend to pick up the wrong signals. In my defense– I’m not generalizing here. Only talking about the ones this verse has singled out– men who have a disease in their hearts. And you will find most of these in your college/university.

As for females who habitually giggle every time a guy asks them something, I hope they choke on it. It’s frustrating to have your lectures and Q/A sessions punctuated by joint heads in the back seats with their message beeps timed with a combo giggle explosion.

And there are some who go extra-soft in their conduct with people. Honestly, a no-nonsense, cut-the-crap tone can curb many societal evils (no kidding) and spare both sexes from a lot of over-thinking, reading between giggles, figuring out subtext and a deluded conclusion: “she’s totally into me”.

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