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Editor’s Note: An awesome article by my man Nasser Ijaz Moghal! Amazing advice written in a unique way! Enjoy and Share! 🙂 

He says he Loves Good Stuff

We all love good stuff, don’t we? Isn’t that right? And there’s a whole lot of good stuff out there. Now what I’m not going to do is list them down for you. You can do that on your own any other time. But what I want you to do is close your eyes and imagine. Imagine you woke up in your ideal home next to your soul mate, went to your dream job on your fantasy car, had no worries and all your dreams came true. That sounds good doesn’t it?

Now snap out of it; you’ve been day dreaming for too long. You want all those stuff, don’t ya? Well then raise your hands and beg from Allah. Now the funny thing is we never get tired of asking. We all are like “gimme this and that too……I want it now!” Here is the deal. Allah loves it when his slave asks of Him for something. In fact, Allah says ask and I will respond. But after all that asking, all that pleading and all that begging when you just get a taste of some misfortune, you go ballistic. You despair and you become ungrateful for all the things Allah gave you without you even asking for them.  Did you ask for your eyes? No! Did you ask for your good looks? No! Did you ask for a body free from disabilities? No! So how dare you lose hope? And when this misfortune is passed and Allah sends some mercy down your way, you say this is from my own self? In your mind you’re thinking

Heck I deserved it. I worked hard, stayed up nights and paid for it in blood and tears. Yeah…..I’m a self made man.

Really?! No seriously, really?! Did you actually forget that you were begging and pleading before this? Now this doesn’t stop here. Nope. You take it to a whole new level. Then you say

You know what? I don’t think that there is a Hereafter and if by some chance there is, Allah will give something better there.

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re going like “What?! When did I ever say that?!” Well you were thinking it and whether you knew it or not your actions speak louder, projecting such views. Fine I am a man so I may be wrong, but Allah isn’t. Go to Surah “Ha Meem As-Sajdah” verses 49-50 and read it for yourself. And don’t stop there, read further and find the out the outcome of such people, if you dare. If you got some good stuff and you think you’re special to Allah, stop! Allah gives good stuff to Kuffaar as well. So boys and girls what do we learn from this? That’s right. Say it with me now. And just to get it stuck in our minds, let’s repeat it thrice.

Good stuff are not the criteria whether Allah is happy with me or not

Say it again:

Good stuff are not the criteria whether Allah is happy with me or not

One more time:

Good stuff are not he criteria whether Allah is happy with me or not

Well some of you may be confused. You might ask well then how do we know Allah is happy with us or not? Ah. Well that’s another “Daant” for another time.


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