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Dawah-competency or resources?

By Fareed Ahmad

“One of the techniques of learning , is that you start writing a book on that subject”, says Dr. Atta ur Rehman, one of the leading Pakistani scientists, in his interview. Indeed, writing about something or practicing it regularly does strengthen that capability in you.

Thus, I felt a need on writing a note on a ‘lack of resources,’ one of the aspects that really demotivates people in doing Dawah. Many genteel teenagers, and passionate Daees, feel, that they don`t have enough resources to run a Dawah Campaign, or arrange a lecture on a higher level, or distribute free copies of Quranic cds and dvds.

Though having resources, and a proper platform is important, but what is even more important than that, is having absolute trust in Allah along withpersonal competency. Competency in doing dawah covers a man’s passion, determination, knowledge management and the utilization of proper time and money in the best possible manner.

Many a times, we see big organizations with a lot of resources, but very low competency levels thereby wasting all the resources, which could have been utilized in best possible manner..

On the contrary, all of us know the example of a very well known company-Apple. In the 1980s, after it split from IBM, it was on the verge of the its death, and no one knew where it existed. However, with limited resources, but extremely competent people, it penetrated again and today we see it, above several other companies.

Coming back to Islamic Dawah, I feel that competency is far more important than resources, because a person who is competent, who knows how to spend money, and how to manage his time, and spread knowledge, can rise up and raise funds, in all the possible ways, through Allah’s help and hard work.

There were two brothers, who started an organization, with their family support and with limited resources, and today there are running Peace TV, and several other projects, owing to Allah`s help, and their competency. In an interview of Saad Al Ghamidi, he divulged that when he established his institute, he did not even have a single dinar in his pocket, and within a month, he raised 100,000 dinars.

Opting for the profession of  a ‘preacher’, is  like doing a lifetime commitment with Allah, in which there is no turning back. There might be no accountability follow ups, but when a person has signed a contract with Allah, then there is no margin of doing holidays, or not being on time, or having other excuses. Chances of leading to more good, or shutting down the door to good, is determined by a man’s own attitude.

Similarly, I feel that that religious organizations should initially focus their energy only on preaching, have faith in Allah to help and guide them and then eventually request donations later on.

All of us are not fortunate enough to be born in the homes of scholars or of going to Islamic schools or being born in rich families, but all such excuses should never be an excuse to enter the field of dawah !

“And those who strive for Us – We will surely guide them to Our ways. And indeed, Allah is with the doers of good.” (Surah Ankabot ch. 29 verse 69)

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