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Dear Flood Victims, We Are With You! 

“Pakistan is facing an emergency!” 

“Over 30 million people have been affected by the floods.” 

“The damage is so colossal; it will take years to rebuild….” 

Terrifying and heart-wrenching headlines and videos have been circulating on social media. Stones waiting to crumble, buildings ready to crash, food, clothing, shelter – nowhere to be found, and innocent people having their lives at stake. There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel – a tunnel through which can come in gushing water ready to sweep off the existence of life. It is depressing… truly depressing; one can not imagine the pain and suffering of those stuck in calamity, but a Muslim never loses hope in the mercy of Allah (SWT), no matter how hard the situation gets. So, what is a better way to react?

Firstly, sticking our heads in the sand won’t help. Secondly, if you ever wanted to help humanity in some way or the other, realise that that time for ACTION is now! As much as the floods have been devastating, our people have also stepped up and shown that, indeed, “the Ummah is like one body!” Numerous organisations have collected donations and sent relief teams, including Youth Club. We all have come across individuals, families, community groups and even some hawkers, workers and little children donating whatever they can. 

Apart from donating in such ways, we must also pause and reflect. People may get worked up blaming environmental neglect or corrupt policies for the situation. There is truth in that, but let’s not forget about our own shortcomings as well. “And whatever of misfortune befalls you, it is because of what your hands have earned” [Quran 42:30] 

Let’s focus on what we CAN control. How about making sincere Istighfar? It is the go-to remedy for calamities from Allah. “And seek your Lord’s forgiveness and turn to Him in repentance. He will grant you a good provision for an appointed term and graciously reward the doers of good.” [Quran 11:3]. With our sins forgiven, our duas will be accepted faster, and In Sha Allah, we’ll together make it through. Our brothers and sisters are waiting for us, they have nothing but hope. Let’s not fail them! It’s time to be true to ourselves, our nation and the Muslim Ummah. 

YC donation camps have been set up across the country. The details are as follows: 

Location – Rawalpindi and Islamabad:

  1. I-8 markaz, Infront of Shaheen Chemist, Islamabad
  2. Tehzeeb Bakers , Blue Area, Islamabad
  3. Commercial Market, Shaheen Chemist, Rawalpindi
  4. Fresco Sweets, Main Double Road, PWD
  5. In front of Awami Trade Centre Opposite to Javed Sweets, G-9 Sector, Islamabad

Location – Karachi:

  1. Youth Club Karachi Office, Defence Phase 4, Near Baitul Salam.
  2. Ribat The campus – Alamgir Rd, Delhi Mercantile Society, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh

Location – Lahore:

  1. In front of Youth Club Office Lahore, 49-L Block, Khokhar Chowk, Johar Town, Lahore

We are also accepting monetary donations. Here are the account details if you want to donate:

Account Title: Youth Club Trust

Account No: 0103193358

Meezan Bank, Blue Area Branch, Islamabad

Branch Code: 0301

IBAN: PK71MEZN0003010103193358

Contact: +92 330 9222737

Share the receipt on the above mentioned WhatsApp number.


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