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Deen and Dunya Are More Connected Than We Think

By Mahnoor Siddiqui

Nowadays, we see people functioning in extremes  whenever it comes to deen and dunya. Some people completely devote or invest themselves and their everything into this world and its affairs, forgetting completely about the Judgement Day (Akhirah) that we all must and have to face. While, we see others secluding themselves from the society to work on their religious and spiritual duties and while doing so, they completely neglect their families and worldly duties.

Focusing on either extreme, people tend to forget a very crucial fact that Islam is not a religion of extremes but, is indeed a religion of balance and ease.

 We think that the key to being considered a good Muslim in front of Allah (SWT) lies in running away from this dunya or showing intense hatred towards it, but we are surely mistaken because it lies in finding a balance between the religious obligations and worldly affairs as they both surely go hand in hand.

“Rather, seek the ˹reward˺ of the Hereafter by means of what Allah has granted you, without forgetting your share of this world. And be good ˹to others˺ as Allah has been good to you. Do not seek to spread corruption in the land, for Allah certainly does not like the corruptors.”

(Al-Qasas, 28:77)  

Islam always encourages individuals to interact and engage with the world and society along with observing what it has to offer but, within the boundaries created by Allah (SWT).

Religion proposes a guideline for ways of living and handling this world. Deen and Dunya are more connected than we know. Achieving excellence in Deen is connected with achieving success in this Dunya. The key is to protect your bond with Allah (SWT) and nurture it. The quality of your bond with the Creator defines the quality of life we live here and as well as in the Hereafter. A righteous and unbreakable bond with Allah (SWT) will definitely lead you towards a healthy and content life while a weak bond and relation with Allah (SWT) will lead you to nowhere but emptiness and a chaotic  meaningless life. Improve your private life for Allah (SWT) and then witness how Allah (SWT) will improve your public life for you.

Your life lived according to the will and commands of Allah (SWT) is ‘Ibadah’ itself. This dunya is given to us as a platform to earn rewards and to please our Creator which will lay the foundation of the life we are about to live in the Hereafter.  It shows how Islam and the world are more connected than we can even think of.

There is good in this Dunya and Allah (SWT) wants us to enjoy the fruits of this world along with the next. 

“Yet there are others who say, “Our Lord! Grant us the good of this world and the Hereafter, and protect us from the torment of the Fire.””

(Al-Baqarah 2:201)  

In all spheres of life, Islam endorses nothing but moderation. So, as Muslims we all should adhere to a moderate level of balance in our religious life and worldly life which will lead us towards ultimate success here in this world and as well as in the life hereafter.

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