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Dial G for Gossip


“There’s a kind of silence that’s peaceful. And a kind that’s deafening.” –Yasmin Mogahed

There’s also a third silence; the kind that is necessary.

Here is what happens when you have scandalous news and updates but you are morally bound to keep mum. Only because you know deep down- no- you know anyway that blathering is not the right course of action. Staying silent at the right time can be your strongest asset. Especially when your internal monologue is shooting hyperboles.
A transcript at your disposal- of a fleeting moment of conflicting thoughts in my head.

*A thumb on the call button*

She has a right to know, you know?
A right? Really?

It was character assassination. HER character slain. She should know what transpired amongst some people.
But what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her.

There could be some truth in it. And it concerns her.
You mean a slanderer’s version of truth?

You can’t possibly keep this to yourself forever.
I’ll conveniently forget about it.

What does your gut say? If instincts say tell her, then do tell her.
A woman’s natural instinct is to talk it out. Always.

Then talk it out. I repeat, talk it out.
*Static* Brain says it’s useless tale-carrying. Copy?

Tune out the brain. There’s nothing like bonding over mutual enemies and throwing dirt at them with a bestie.
What good would that bring though? It will only make her miserable.

She gets to know you have her back. And she would stay away from this person forever.
Not convincing enough.

Secrets never end well.
I’ll tell her when need be. Savvy?

And if she finds out before that? From someone else?
Not unless the back-stabber sprouts guts…

Supposing she does…?
May the odds be ever in my favour then.

She probably won’t forgive you for it. Ever.
Now that’s my paranoia talking.

Maybe she’ll improve upon the flaws if you break it to her gently.
Improve where? It was outrageous. They were all lies.

Maybe you are over-reacting. Tell her- she’ll be cool with it.
I haven’t reacted at all. Yet.
Overthinking then.
Cut it.

Tell her anyway. You are bursting to say it!
But what if the back-stabber wants his message delivered? Hence, he told me- hoping I would pass it on to her. I plan to deny him the satisfaction.

And if he finds another way to get it across?
Uncertainties I’ll have to live with…

It’s not like you’ve never indulged in gossip before. And this is no different.
All those times, it was unintentional. After all this train of thought, I’d be choosing to spill if I do.

Okay… you can at least tell her the part where you defended her.
Oh, so that’s what it was all about…

*Thumb dismissed*

 Stay strong. Guts intact. No spillage. And you’ll get moments of clarity in the most bizarre of situations.

The Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasallam said): The one who carries tales will not enter Paradise.” (Bukhari and Muslim)


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