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Weekly Wrap Up: MWA — Elections 2024

Given the declining trust in mainstream media and the manipulation of information on social media, it’s essential to rely on individual research, critical thinking, and guidance from the Quran and Hadith as a filter for information.

Talk about the recent Amazon children’s cartoon trailer where Satan is portrayed as a misunderstood victim of injustice and a free-spirited kinda character, while angels are painted as controlling figures. Prophet Adam (AS) is shown as a misogynist who attempts to exert control over Lilith, leading to their expulsion and the subsequent spread of sin.

May we ask: why change the universal origin concept shared by all major religions? Why is there always a deliberate effort to pollute the storyline, turning evil into good and vice versa? Is it not the same social engineering attempted every time to gradually desensitise audiences, especially children? Parents must stay vigilant, monitor the content their children consume, and maintain open communication with them.

As elections approach, the critical question emerges: how do you select a leader? First and foremost, a leader must be God-fearing, righteous, and committed to justice. Additionally, the selection process must evaluate candidates’ qualifications and competence to ensure they are well-prepared for the position’s responsibilities.

Reflecting on the political landscape, it is disheartening to see leaders making decisions against the principles of Islam, such as supporting the transgender law. Or the lack of representation on critical issues such as Dr. Aafia Siddiqui’s case, the Israel-Palestine matter, and the subject of Kashmir. 

The public must demand accountability and not accept leaders who compromise Islamic principles for political gains. While systems may use various tactics to control and manipulate, their power ultimately relies on people’s compliance. Even in imperfect political scenarios, choosing the lesser evil aligns with Islamic wisdom.

A discussion on Peter Singer’s concept of morality and an all-time fave Question of the Week segment added to this week’s interesting episode.

In the last few weeks we have covered Consipiracy Theories, Holiday Season 2023, and War Crimes.

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