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Gaza’s Tears by 13 Year Old Abdurrahman Ibrahim


A warren of tunnels and death and tears

A place at which half the world sneers

I looked at what was once my home

But is now rubble, forcing me to roam

I have nothing but the clothes on my back

And terrible memories in my heart’s “Nightmare Rack.”

Under this rubble, all my family is asleep

 Bricks and bodies lying in one bloody heap

They say it is my fault, in my hand

They say, “Why don’t you leave your land?”

But I say, “Death will come anyway; I don’t care.”

I shall stay where I am, and that is rightfully fair

Why should a person leave what he owns and loves?

They talk about rights as if they were white doves

What irony, for this comes from hands smeared with blood

Hands known for turning bodies into chewed cud

 We have no choice other than resistance

For no one cares enough to give assistance

And if you ask, yes, we are stressed

But we are still not depressed

So let us fight! We have no choice

Launch rockets and raise our voice

Watch the horizon shake with smoke and fire

Bombs blast on us, blood, mud and mire

We shall fight! And call the Ummah for help

Why should they treat us as if we are seaweed and kelp?

I hope that your help will not be long in coming

And that you will be boycotting, funding, or even fighting

But! No one shall call Gaza a sitting duck

For it has rockets, courage and pluck

Why should you, O Muslims, abandon your siblings?

Alas! Did you not hear the Golden Dome calling?

Al-Aqsa’s gasps, with all its pillars shaking

As the dogs tear and rip God’s wording

Did it have to be so, O Muslim youth?

Did you have to be so far from the truth?

And abandon your brothers with such haste

As if what Israel does is more to your taste

You have disappointed us, but not any more

Perhaps now you will remember us and roar

“The Muslim lion has come out of his den

He has woken up, never to sleep again.”

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