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Have you imagined your Jannah yet? 

For most of us, Jannah is such an abstract concept, that we have no motivations to get there.

Surah al-Insaan/ad-Dahr is a surah in the 29th juz of the Quran; almost all of it talks about Jannah. After studying the explanation of this surah in our Ramadan halaqah ‘Juz Tabaarak’, the students were all provided with sticky notes and asked to describe themselves in Jannah. This description had to be so real and so important to them that in no costs could they bear not making it there. 

We have compiled their lovely replies, as they are worth sharing! 

‘I’ll have a giant elevated bean bag high up in the air. Besides it is a large tree which bears cupcake flavored bananas. My water permanently tastes like chocolate. I’ll skydive from my chair into a river made of jelly. I have all the clothes I used to see on Tumblr and I have a servant who looks like Chris Evans.’ -Eeman Aslam

‘I see myself in a green silk dress, wearing sparkly silver bracelets. I walk into my own restaurant and eat all I can. My mom is here too, but she’s too busy in her own luxuries to boss me around. I can do, buy, wear, scream or run wherever I want. My home is in a green forest, decorated with jewels.’ -Kiran Raja

‘The most appealing thing in Jannah for me would be the ability to travel to different places and universes. I would see the ocean and other alternate realities. I’ll never be bored.’-Ameenah Mansoor

‘I will have real diamonds, as many as I want. I will also ask Allah to give me a nice sports car on which I could roam around on the roads of Jannah!’-Sana Saif Malik

‘Beautiful clouds, comfortable weather and temperature conditions, rivers passing by, a beautiful house. I’m sitting on the beach right outside this house, wearing a flowy long dress and hair beautifully done, with all my best pals around. Whatever I feel like eating will come to me in seconds. Oh yeah, I can fly too!’ -Yusra Yousaf 

‘I’m sitting on a beach with a shade on top and all kinds of mouth-watering tropical fruits, drinks and food around me. I’m wearing a lovely gown which I can wear anywhere I want. I have everything that I could possibly wish for.’ -Mariam Barkat

‘I’m relaxing on a big couch, having yummy food with live natural 5D movies, laughing and enjoying!’ -Abeer Saifullah

‘I live in a home made of sweets.’-Aisha

‘I own a water park. It has these awesome waterslides with tunnels and twisting slides and pools (not too deep! (Xanax) ). I dont even have to pay for anything! I can take as many turns as I want. I’ll have all my friends over. I’ll have a volleyball court and play all day long!’ -Ayesha Nasrullah

‘I play in gardens without allergies!! I have a river of chocolate. I go horse-riding without fearing the horse! Oh, and I have my own water park too!’-Sana Aslam

‘Twilight. Terrace overlooking the ocean. Dark curly hair draped around the right shoulder. A slight breeze. Emerald green dress flowing. One hand on the railing, with the other, sipping a glass of red wine. Gaze ahead. The comfort of knowing that this is not the end, but only the beginning.’ -Sara Ahmed

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