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I once had the most expensive shades

By Saira Tabassum

I tell people that I am not the brand-conscious type,

I can wear anything as long as it’s comfortable.

“But branded stuff is more durable”, they would say.

“I agree. I also once had the most expensive shades.”

“Really, which ones?” They would ask.

“People don’t know about that brand.

It’s not po-POLO-ar here.”

“Was it from Mars?”

They were clearly irritated out of eagerness.

That shade was the most DIOR-able, most trustable, an immaculate fit.

I could even see the world beyond the frequency range of us humans.

It was REVO-lutionary.

“You bonkers?” they all chimed in.

“No,” I said sternly. “It’s the truth.”

GUESS what they say about the next world?

You can’t see it.

I say it’s PRADA-actable. You can actually see the unseen”, I whispered.

“What? With those crazy shades?” They were baffled.


“They are called the shades of EMAN. You know what EMAN is?

It’s not a brand of this world, it’s one from the NEXT.

People who wear this brand are those

who see the world beyond reach of most.

The store you get this from is called “QURAN.”

Once the message sinked in, they asked

So you don’t have it anymore?

“Yes, because it doesn’t stay with the owner at all times

It’s like a SILHOUTTE,

You see it and run after it.

You SHWOOD run fast to catch it, or else it’s gone.

And they nodded in disbelief.



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