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Little Blessings

My friend and I entered the university gate in the late afternoon and started looking for some shade to sit under. We walked from tree to tree and umbrella to umbrella, but either the shade had gone or the place was occupied. Finally, after a long time, we saw a bench far off that gave some protection from the unrelenting sun rays. We rushed towards it, sat down and drank the cool water that we had just bought from the cafe.

tree shade

What a beautiful ending to a commonplace everyday story. SubhanAllah! This is what makes the summer season so delightful; a sip of cold water, a stick of ‘gola’ with your friend, sitting under the shade when all else is sunny, a dip in the pool and the list goes on.


I realized it’s pretty simple if you think about it. Allah created diversity in the weather so that we appreciate little things. Would we ever be pleased with a glass of cold water if it snowed all the time? Would we ever be glad of long nights if they stayed long all year round? Would we ever be excited about the rain if it stayed humid 24/7? Of course not!

Imagine, if the sun never came out or if the sun was cold or if the crops never got any sunshine? Scary? Yeah!

And then, Allah does not ask us to accomplish big tasks all the time. We just need to thank Him for these little things. Saying Alhamdulillah after a shower or after having a slice of watermelon is good enough. This act of gratefulness is what will make us different from others. We need to spend more time focusing on the bright side and feeling blessed.
Optimism is infectious, trust me. Make it viral. Don’t let the summer heat get to your mood. Let’s not complain about the hot weather this year.

cold water

Make a list of the summer blessings and pin it on your bedroom wall as a reminder. Eat summer-friendly food. Make sure to increase your water intake and eat lots of seasonal fruits. Allah made different fruit for each season for a reason. 🙂


May Allah give us the opportunity to spend our summers in the most productive and amazing ways.
In the comments section below, share your ideas of how you plan to spend your summer holidays.

0 thoughts on “Little Blessings”

  1. I plan to:
    1. Teach kids a course related to Surah Ar-Rahman at Al-Huda.
    2. Memorize the Qur’an.
    3. Look for a job.
    4. Da’wah to family.
    5. RAMADAAN!!! In sha Allah.

    1. It might be that it does not suit a specific individual.
      But of course, Allah made the seasons for a reason. Complaining would be complaining against Allah.
      Also, it must have benefits that we know not e.g, revitalization of body systems etc.
      You can try taking precautions in order to make it easy and enjoyable for you.
      And Allah knows best.

      1. Yes I have issues with the heat that’s why I don’t like it much. And yeah of course the heat has its own benefits, in some cases. In sha Allah.

  2. True. Every phase of life is a blessing. .. let it be winter or summer.. I have heard by sweating is very good for health. .. and then we drink lot of water. which is so good for kidneys and skin..

    I plan to read some books, do some tafseer, focus a little on dawah in slums.. .. speak on langars. .. and interact with people.. inshallah

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