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#Lovestruck – Did you know what YC is talking about these days?


#Lovestruck… That’s the newest trending hashtag for the Youth Clubbers!

Before you say:
“But we are encouraged to love our parents, siblings, thy neighbour etc..”


“But I love my car, my job etc…”

Allow us to clarify that the kind of love YouthClub is talking/tweeting/blogging/posting about is: the love that a man feels for a non-mehram woman and/or vice versa.

Loving your family, car etc. is in most cases instinctive and quite harmless, and may even be encouraged.  #Lovestruck is actually opening the debate on those raging hormones and the natural procreative instincts, which a lot of youth are expressing through the notion of having a girlfriend or a boyfriend.  Is this really the best way to deal with our desires? Does it really bring happiness inside?  Have we understood this feeling correctly?  Questions like these need to be discussed, especially in light of the onslaught of the media, which is re-defining for us what this feeling is.  A lot of people convincingly argue that the ‘love’ that men and women on campuses, in offices, in the market place or during parties have for each other is not actually love, but just ‘lust’.

Whatever you call it, Islam in its beautiful perfection has guided humankind as to the best way to control and channel all natural human instincts.

When the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) saw a young man merely looking at a young woman, he turned his head so as to make him look away, then he said: “I saw a young man and a young woman, and I did not trust the Shaytaan not to tempt them.”

Narrated by al-Tirmidhi (885) and classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Tirmidhi.

The above hadith is profound because it tackles the issue from its very roots.  There is a plethora of social and psychological issues related to this boy-meets-girl, love-at-first-sight extravaganza that the youth need to talk about.

So, we hope that this campaign of ours (with your help!) makes some progress in tackling this all-important issue affecting society today.  Generating questions and a healthy discussion would eventually lead us towards learning how to channel these strong feelings and emotions in a Halal way.  After all, we are creatures of desires.  Those who choose to fulfill these desires in a way which pleases their Creator achieve true bliss– the bliss which always evades those who seek to overcome their desires in sleazy, guilt-ridden ways.

Do share your thoughts, opinions, comments, advice and articles on this fascinating human experience of being #Lovestruck.  Don’t forget to use the hashtag!

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