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Raja Zia Ul Haq

raja zia

Sometimes the most powerful work happens quietly.
Founded in 2011, Youth Club is inspiring a Positive change amongst the Youth.
A team of passionate young men and women working for the cause knows, if Allah guides a man through us, it is better for us than a herd of expensive red camels. I sincerely believe, the effect of an action of one person on thousand men, is more than the speech of thousand men on one person. So, waste no time debating what a good Muslim should be. Be one!


Youth club is inspiring and nurturing the mind, soul and body of youth by creating constructive change in society. Our aim is to develop balanced individuals who know the responsibilities of society. We are creating future leaders who are not only skilled in their respected areas of interest but also responsible to fulfil their religious obligations towards society.

Let’s join us and start developing society and change the world.


Asfand Hassan Sheikh
Manager Admin

Tuaha ibn Jalil
Country Manager (Males)


We are here for you, never despair from Allah’s mercy. If at some point you feel that the doors are all closed, remember that Allah only needs you to take a step and if you are sincere, He will guide you and bless you with the light of guidance. Don’t hesitate and know that you might be far from Allah, but He is close to you! Turn to Him and you will find Him.


You don’t get lazy and turn up really late to office or work because you feel the sense of urgency–you know you will get fired if you do that, so we feel we have no choice but to be there on time every day hence it automatically made consistency easy for us, it becomes second nature to us. But in terms of deen, we don’t feel a sense of urgency. If we really believed that we will be at loss if we didn’t meet certain conditions provided by Allah then we would do it no matter what.

Allah (SWT) says in Surah Al Asr:
By the time. Undoubtedly man is in loss. But those who believed and did good deeds and stressed one another to accept the truth and counselled one another to be steadfast. (Al-Qur’an)
The scholars give a lot of importance to this surah due to it being like a summary of the message of the Quran.
At Youth Club, we help ourselves and the youth to have an Islamic outlook in day-to-day life. Our main purpose is to do the best possible use of time and counsel each other to remain steadfast on the deen. We have people from diverse fields of knowledge in the team including doctors, engineers, lawyers, architects, media, arts & design and so on. Due to this, the environment that we create and provide to people who visit Youth Club or its content is very interesting and relatable.

Remember, mankind is at loss so no matter how much we do is never enough! We need to keep ourselves on the right path with great patience and contribute more efforts to promote Allah’s Deen.


Khazra Azam
Manager Publications

Wajih Uddin
Regional Director Sindh (Males)

wajih-uddin youth club

Always value yourself and never allow yourself to indulge in sins. Keep yourself in good company and with those who would share your struggles. No one can take away your pain except Allāh. Ensure, that your heart is always attached to Him and not with anything that you can’t take with you after this life. Do not give more importance to your life events other than what they are worth giving. The path towards Allāh starts with trials and tribulations followed by patience and reliance upon Allah, in the end is enlightenment. If you are facing difficulties in your life, it is because He wants to purify you and enable you to repent in front of Him. Know that sincerity is the key. Be sincere to Him, and you will find His support surrounding you all the time.


One of the greatest leaders in the history of mankind, the Caliph Umar ibn Al-Khattab (RA) said, “Hold yourself accountable before you’re held accountable, and weigh your deeds before they’re weighed for you”. The time is always NOW! You have the ability to make the best out of each moment and turn it into a good deed that can be added to your account or to let that instance go by. Do not be that person who looks back at the end of his life, and has only remorse and regret that they could have done a lot more. Your thoughts, words, looks, feelings, intentions, emotions, attitude and actions can all contribute to your being either one step closer to ultimate joy and serenity i.e. paradise or one step closer to ultimate doom i.e. hellfire. Utilise the “now”, learn about those great people who were the epitome of true success, a perfect blend of progress and innovation coupled with the upholding of principles and foundations of Islam. They showed how it is done, acing this world and the hereafter together. Their footsteps await us. Follow suit, one step at a time


Hajrah Khawar
Regional Director Sindh (Females)

Mugheerah Luqman
Regional Director Punjab (Males)


The Prophet SAW said, “Dean is betterment.” The biggest favor or khair that you can do to someone is teach him something good that will guide him for the rest of his life. This is what Youth Club Lahore is all about. To share the blessing of Islam with others and enable others to share it with the rest!


I am pleased to welcome you all to our website. Our organization was established in 2011 to carry out a very special mission — to add value in lives of Youth via Islamic teachings. To date, our organization is one of the leaders and progressive and dynamic organizations working for spiritual and moral upliftment of youth. Over 60% of our population consists of youth which necessitates listening to their problems and providing them pragmatic solutions in light of Islam. The model of our success includes our team members, our speakers, volunteers and the working environment. Youth club is demonstrating its vital social role in society by changing lives and thinking of thousands of youth not only in Pakistan but worldwide. We provide special Avenue to youth to cater for their spiritual, physical and mental growth. Our top priority has always been youth, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, education and social background. We continue to grow, searching new trends and offering new projects. I welcome all of you to this message of peace and an organization where we strive together to build role models.


Iman Anwar
Regional Director Punjab (Females)

Ali Ehtisham
Marketing and Media Manager (Males)


Marketing makes the face of any organization. Keeping in view the value and impact of media in this day and age, we strive to project a relatable and authentic image of Youth Club’s unique activities to our audience worldwide. Equipped with the necessary tools and man power, we aim to provide the ummah of Prophet Muhammad a guidance that is purely based on authentic source without compromising any principle of Islam to the best of our ability.


In a world where everything is just a tap away, we are constantly at threat from the subtle penetration of misinformation and fitnah into our minds and, ultimately, lives.

Even our kids aren’t safe anymore. From a tender age, they’re exposed to content that targets not only the mind but the very soul, itself.

Here at Youth Club, change-makers have a goal: providing you and your loved ones authentic content based on the Quran and Sunnah. We attempt to help you become a better Muslim, in a thoughtful and productive manner- knowing that whatever you indulge your time in today will decide your fate in the Akhirah.


Lalah Imtiaz Ali
Marketing Manager – YC Female Wing

Awais Ibrahim
Manager Finance


“Be in this world as if you were a traveler or stranger.”

These powerful words of the Prophet (PBUH) resonate a sound reality. Often, we become consumed with the present, so much so that we forget that it is actually an eternal future that we should be consumed about. Ask yourself: what are you doing about it tomorrow, today, right now? Let this moment be a time of reflection. Let this moment be a time of decision. Let this moment build towards reshaping your life, re-analyzing your priorities and re-focusing your goals. Release yourself from the musings of this interim habitat, and work towards laying the foundations of your forever house.


Youth Club Trust is run by a handful of youth (not crossing the number of 100) who are driven by the will to please Allah and are trying to put their efforts in bringing a positive change. In a country like Pakistan where over 60% of the population is young, the potential we have is immense and the heights we can go can change the world. We believe that youth is the golden age of one’s life about which everyone will be asked about as stated in a hadith: “The son of Adam will not pass away from Allah until he is asked about five things: how he lived his life, and how he utilised his youth…” Tirmidhi At youth Club trust our passion is sourced by Quran and Sunnah which fuels a team so strong and unique that majority still willingly works as a volunteer taking no monetary benefit or entitlements yet working tirelessly for the bigger cause.

This ever-increasing number of team compared to the mere 10 sisters since its inception in 2011 have touched lives far and wide on the globe. We believe in providing a community rather than just working environment to harbor the youth’s talent and promote good. That is why upon joining Youth Club one enters a unique family where everyone is holding on to one another to stay firm on the path. A family that aims to be as described in Surah Al’ Asr “except those who have faith, do good, and urge each other to the truth, and urge each other to perseverance” 103:3 We open our doors to you to come join and be its part to spread the word of Allah, to guide and support the youth, to nurture a culture of and to please Allah, Take our hand hoping that we will enter Jannah hand in hand until we reach the ultimate prize of meeting our creator in a way that he is pleased with us. Surely there is no better happily ever after then that.


Madiha Akhtar
Human Resource & Compliance Manager

Endorsement of Zakat and Sadqat Youth Club