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Modest Clothing for Hot Weather: Tips to Stay Modest this Summer

Summer is the season of mangoes, pool parties, and chilled beverages—at least for some people. But for those of us who choose to dress modestly or at least try to, summer may be a season of “Isme garmi nai lagti tumhe?” 

This question is fiercly common. All women who practice hijab may have had to answer it at least one, and realistically, a dozen times in their lives. 

When temperatures soar, and the air feels like it is coming from the sun itself, people choose to layer down and switch to lighter fabric to make sure their bodies remain cool. 

However, as women who prioritize modesty, layering down or choosing lighter fabrics is often not an option. 

Finding the right modest clothing for hot weather is also often a roadblock for young girls and women who want to take the first steps towards modest dressing. 

We reached out to our team members who dress modestly for tips on how to pull off a modest look without having an actual physical meltdown. Read on for what we got. 

Modest Clothing for Hot Weather – Why?

Okay, so before we dive into our tips on modest clothing for hot weather, let’s take a quick moment to revisit why we choose to dress modestly and cover up while the rest of the world exposes more skin to keep cool. 

Why Be Modest Reason #1: Allah SWT Ordered Us 

Allah SWT has directly ordered Muslim women to cover up. And that’s why we do it. It’s as simple as that. He SWT is our Creator, our Master, and we listen and obey whatever He SWT asks us to do. 

“Prophet, tell your wives, your daughters, and women believers to make their outer garments hang low over them so as to be recognized and not insulted: God is most forgiving, most merciful” [Quran 33:59]

Why Be Modest Reason #2: It’s the Sunnah of the Sahabiat (May Allah Be Pleased with them)

We all want to get to Jannah. The best way to work towards it is to copy the practices of the Prophet SAW and the people who lived with him SAW, aka the best generation. 

The modesty levels that the Sahabiat used to reach are remarkable. And when you realize they lived in a desert, you appreciate their effort and faith even more. 

And if those women could cover up back in the day when there were no ACs or fans, and everyone lived in a desert, we can surely give it a shot as well. 

Why Be Modest Reason #3: Hijab is A Symbol of Faith

The hijab is something that only Muslim women carry, at least in modern times. And so, it is a symbol of the faith you carry in your heart. The hijab is a badge of honour that all women should wear proudly, knowing they are representing the deen of Allah SWT, the Owner of the Heavens and the Earth. 

Why Be Modest Reason #4: It is a Shield Against the Preying Gazes

Allah SWT ordered us to cover ourselves to be protected and honoured. And this is a core purpose the hijab serves. Many of us may have experienced that feeling of safety and the odd sense of empowerment when we are completely covered and walking through a crowded place brimming with weird people and their even weirder glances. That’s the power and purpose of hijab! 

Tips to Help You Find Modest Clothing for Hot Weather this Year

You have just completed the previous section and are motivated to maintain or take the first steps towards modesty. Now, let’s discuss how you can make modesty easy for yourself in summer. 

Go for Lightweight, Breathable Fabrics

Alhamdulilah for whoever invented breezy fabrics like lawn. Some fabrics are so light you could practically feel the air going through them. These fabrics are best for hot summers and keep you cool no matter how hot the outsides get. Remember to cover up nicely underneath, though. We don’t want our outerwear to be see-through when our innerwear is not covering a whole lot! 

If you prefer a fabric that gives you more liberty with the innerwear, thin linens are also a good choice in summer. These fabrics are lightweight and offer good coverage. 

Keep it Flowy Inside and Out

Tights and skinny jeans with T-shirts are often our go-to choice for innerwear when dressing modestly. But constricting outfits like these restrict the airflow to your skin, making staying cooler in summer harder. So, wear wider, breathable clothes inside to make sure not just the abaya is light and breezy but the innerwear is as flowy as possible as well. 

Besides that, some women often dress modestly by wearing loose-fitted separates like wide-legged trousers and shirts and then cover up by adding an extra layer of either a shrug or a simple chadder

These modest wear choices may work in cooler months, but they add more layers in summer and may make you feel even hotter. 

Abayas and dresses are a decent, breezy alternative. You just have to wear a one-piece outfit and a scarf, and you’re good to go. 

Jilbabs and Khimars are also good options for modest clothing for hot weather. They eliminate the need for an extra scarf and offer excellent coverage. But go for those only if you think you can carry the look (not everyone can!).

Think Twice About the Inside

What you wear underneath your abaya defines how hot you will feel. Our everyday clothes, like lawn suits and shalwar kameez, usually make you feel even hotter when worn under an abaya. Go for a chemise made with thin fabric or a cotton camisole. They offer decent coverage, even if worn underneath a lawn abaya, and keep you cool inside. 

Choose Lighter Colors

Dark-coloured materials absorb heat faster. Therefore, when buying modestwear, choose lighter colours to keep it cool and comfortable. 

Choose Lightweight Scarves

Unless you wear a jilbab, you have to choose a scarf to go with your modestwear. Lawn and cotton scarves make for good choices during summers, especially over those georgette and chiffon ones. They provide good coverage, so you don’t have to wrap them on in layers, and they are lightweight to allow the air to pass through. 

To Wrap it Up

Dressing modestly is not an option but an obligation for Muslim women. But remember, you don’t have to make these obligations unnecessarily hard for yourself. 

Find creative ways to design modest clothing for hot weather so you can carry a modest look with grace and confidence and without being overburdened by difficulties like the weather. 

There are loads of lightweight, breezy fabrics readily available in almost every market you go to. Use them and customize your abayas and innerwear for a cool, breathable, modest summer! 

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