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Moving Towards Progress



It’s not very healthy to stay up late,

But it does have some advantages, I’m sure you can relate.

For the time when you’re alone, you can think about your life,

Get to set your priorities, know the purpose for which you strive,

Because you’re more than just a bee, that’s working in a hive,

Got to meet expectations, just so you can survive.

Such has become our life, working like a machine,

Day in and day out, so your achievements can be seen.

It’s like chasing a dream, only one that seems real,

Where we’ve learned to invent, but forgotten how to feel.

The technology around us has made our senses numb,

Our phones are now smart but our people are getting dumb.



If you ask someone their purpose of life, they say they’re not sure,

“I have a house and a job, what could one want more?”

You’re expected to go by the norms, tagged weird if you don’t follow,

People not having peace of mind thinking your life is hollow.

We’ve made science our judge in all that we know,

Seeing only perfections and not a single flaw.



What good are our inventions, if we don’t use them to recognize the One?

Besides whom worthy of worship is no One.

The progress is good as long as we’re aware,

That we need to be serious about the coming affair.

So we stop and stare, see if we’re guarding our prayer,

Before the day comes of the greatest blare,

When people are racing ahead, their heads raised up*

Their glance not wandering here and there*

And their hearts are empty, due to fear*.



How severe would be that Day, have we ever given it a thought?

Or are we too busy counting the numerous things we’ve bought?

It’s a battle against our Nafs, either we lose or we win,

And Shaitaan’s going to disown you, saying you chose to sin.

So realize your purpose and start to prepare,

This materialistic world is always ready to ensnare.

The moment you stop to care, you’ll quickly digress…

Make a world where people at least try to sin less.


*Qura’n; 14:43

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