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Weekly Wrap-UP! The Holiday season 23.12.23

In order to modernise, we need to Westernise. This is the very standard of #taraqi nowadays. The muddy illusions that progress can never be achieved until we start copying the Western lifestyle, which comes with a mix of alcohol, drugs, nudity, adultery, fornication, a broken family system, hedonism and more. 

“It’s all because of which they have succeeded”. Arguments like these prevail among the elite, who try to justify the vices and make room to satisfy their own desires. Watch the full episode to unravel what more has become of the definition of progress today. 

Like every year, the month of December never fails to call for festivities. However, do we really have a reason to celebrate? Seeing it from a heart engraved with the pain of Palestinians, it’s a definite no. In case some people don’t stand on that list, then there’s more.

Celebrating something which will straightaway take you to SHIRK. Yes, we are talking Christmas. If you are one of those still considering it a sweet, little cosy festival—boy, you’ve been mistaken. Wondering how? Let us help you navigate.

First things first: when Christians celebrate Christmas, they commemorate the birth of Hazrat Isa (AS). However, there’s no evidence, let us repeat: no evidence that Prophet Isa (AS) was born on December 25th. In fact, the practising Christian scholars present the probability of him being born in the warmer month based on biblical events.

Secondly, celebrating/wishing someone Merry Christmas is like contributing yourself to the Christian belief that Isa (AS) is the son of God. Now, this is something so serious that Allah (SWT) has mentioned it so explicitly and with so much rage in the Quran. Being a Muslim, no one would ever wish to go down that lane.

People might argue, but I have no such intention of attributing Prophet Isa (AS) as the son of God. I am doing it just for some fun, cultural diversity, religious harmony, etc. To make it clear, it’s not religious harmony anyway because the practising Christians themselves don’t believe in celebrating any such thing as Christmas. 

More so, do you think Prophet Isa (AS) would have ever propagated for celebrating his birthday? Then there’s the big question: will you risk your imaan just for a 24-hour dose of fun? After knowing all this, even if you still prioritise your enjoyment above your faith, the choice is yours. 

Furthermore, if you study the roots of Christmas, you will see that it goes back to the pagan festivals. The idea of the Fir tree, the famous Santa Claus, the tradition of gift giving, etc, all stem down to superficial beliefs and rituals engraved in gods and multi-gods that were once prevalent in paganistic societies. 

Fast forward to today, it has brought forth another bitter reality—materialism. Ironically, while advocating against global warming, the same clan cut down millions of trees annually for Christmas decorations. The aura and the allure push people into debt, working hard to earn money only to spend it on Christmas and New Year, perpetuating a seemingly endless cycle.

News of the Week: Pope Francis Allows Priests to Bless Same-Sex Couples. 

Rise of HIV/AIDS in Pakistan: approx. Ten thousand new cases this year, and the ratios are ever-surging. Homosexual activities among MSMs—young adults belonging to well-off, educated families are statically shown to be one of the major contributors. 

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