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8 Myths About The Hijab

Some things are controversial, and for good reason. Other things? They are made controversial because of crazy misconceptions and myths around them. The hijab is among the latter. 

Seeing a Muslim woman wearing the hijab brings all sorts of crazy ideas to people’s minds. Some judge the woman for being outwardly and overly righteous while others think they are oppressed and forced into a garment that must feel super hot during summers. 

Being from among the modern-day hijabis and living with them, we know all about these ideas that we call misconceptions and have been at the center of some of them as well! 

We think its about time we bust some of these myths so the world knows the hijab for what it is – a symbol of honor for Muslim women. 

This blog will uncover the realities behind 8 common myths about the hijab. Make sure you read till the end! 

Common Myths About the Hijab – Busted! 

We live in a society that’s ironically two-faced and hypocritical. On one hand, we have entire campaigns and days and months dedicated to freedom of speech and choice for women. On the other hand, we have people, sometimes the same women who pretend to be the flagbearers of female freedom of expression, oppressing or unnecessarily sympathizing with them for wearing the hijab. 

These sentiments often stem from certain misconceptions and stereotypes, either about the women wearing the hijab or the hijab itself. 

So, it’s important to have this discussion and finally call these misconceptions and stereotypes for what they are: pure, baseless myths! 

Hijab Myth #1: Hijabis Have A Superiority Complex

They see a hijabi woman rollin’ they hatin’ or scrunching their noses at the sight. The reason? An assumption: the unfounded idea that if a woman is covering herself in an Islamic way, she would be obnoxious, self-righteous, and too proud of herself. Talking to her would make you feel like you are the worst, most sinful person walking on the face of this earth. 

This is far from the truth. 

Yes, there may be some women who are like that. 

But in general, anyone practicing the hijab with a real understanding of the deen knows her shortcomings. They know they are not perfect. Far from it. They feel the guilt of their imperfection and use it to humble themselves in front of Allah SWT and His slaves. 

In short, most Hijabis do not think they are better than any non-hijabi sister. They understand the struggles and if you speak to them, you will find them understanding of modern-day challenges. 

Yes, hijabis do believe that wearing the hijab in submission to Allah SWT is better than not wearing it. But that’s different. 

Hijab Myth #2: Hijabis Are Perfect Muslims

“Since she’s wearing the hijab, she must be perfect in all other aspects of the religion as well. She has to be” – is another misconception about hijabi sisters. 

When people spot a woman wearing the hijab, they immediately assume her to be sinless and perfectly in line with every single command and ruling of the Islamic Sharia’a (Islamic Law). 

Some people use this assumption and set the bar too high for them, judging and criticizing them when they inevitably do something wrong. Others, believing hijabi sisters are perfect Muslims, wallow in self-pity and guilt thinking they can never be as good as them. 

The myth-busting reality here is that just because a Muslim woman appears to be in submission to Allah SWT’s commands in one aspect does not necessarily mean she can and does fulfill hundreds of other requirements of the religion as well. 

Assuming and expecting perfection from hijabis is dangerous as well since it leads to unfair stereotypes. “Ye abaya walian tou hoti hi aesi hein.” (that’s just how all abaya-clad girls really are). 

We have to understand that just because a woman wears the hijab does not mean she transforms from a faulty human to a sinless angel. 

A woman covering herself is still human and can and will make mistakes. Let’s not have too high expectations and stereotype the hijab for these mistakes. 

Hijab Myth #3: Hijabis Do Not Dress Up

It is true that hijabis take not having to reveal their actual clothing as a privilege and throw an abaya over their disheveled PJs sometimes for quick grocery runs. But hey! Hijabis know how to dress up. Invite them to an all-girls, no-non mehram party and check out their style game. 

And those women you spot wearing simple abayas at weddings? Rest assured they might be dressed to kill – but only their mahrams (related men). 

So, hijabis are not fed up of life and its niceties. We love wearing those heavy kaam walay joray and dazzle in makeup and jewelry. But what we do not love is becoming an eye-candy for strangers. 

Hijabis cover their adornments in the presence of non-mahram men and fulfill the feminine need to dress up and look pretty when they are surrounded by their girls or related men (mahrams). 

Hijab Myth #4: Hijabis Are Forced to Wear the Hijab




No one forces the hijabis to wear the hijab. At least in a majority of the cases these days. In fact, its the exact opposite.

Many young hijabis have to fight for their hijab. They have to convince their families to let them cover up properly. Its really not the other way around. 

If they are compelled to wear the hijab, the compulsion only comes from their belief that Allah SWT is their Master and they need to submit to ALL His commands as best as they can. So, it is their faith in the afterlife and accountability that forces them to cover up. Nothing or no one else. 

Hijab Myth #5: The Hijab Must Make You Feel Really Hot and Uncomfortable

Its easy to see where this one comes from. But that does not change the reality of this myth. It remains a myth. 

As surprising as it may sound, no. It is not hot in there. Yes. Even when the mercury is soaring and everyone around you is sweating like a glass of cold water on a hot day. 

Hijabis have learned to adapt to the weather. They often use light, airy fabrics that give proper coverage without restricting the airflow to help regulate the temperature inside. 

Honestly, the hijab is much more comfortable than those over-the-top hairstyles and excessive makeup that everyone else is compelled to wear. Yes. Compelled.

And even if it is hot in the hijab, “the fire of Hell is hotter” Quran [9:81]. 

This makes tolerating the heat easier. 

Hijab Myth #6: Hijabis are Dimwits or Brainwashed

This myth is just downright sad and shows how people need to learn a little about Muslim women today and in history before stereotyping them. 

Their heads are covered. Not the brains. 

Hijabi sisters are not dimwits or dumb. It’s not like they know nothing about life or, say, finances just because they choose to obey Allah SWT and dress modestly. 

Many hijabi women have been high achievers. Gold medalists, PhDs, physicists, engineers, doctors, architects, anesthesiologists, accountants, computer scientists, scholars (think mother Ayesha R.A.), you name it and there is a Muslim woman being it while rocking the hijab. 

So, next time someone tries to stick shallow labels on hijabi women and assumes them to be dumb, let’s ask them to bring forth some logic and proof with the claim? 

Hijab Myth #7: Hijabis Must Have A Boring Life

Yes because all the fun in life comes with the way you dress up, right? 

While it is true that hijab is more than the outer garment and requires us to carry ourselves modestly in public, that doesn’t mean hijabis can’t have fun! 

Horseriding, archery, swimming or simply getting coffee (or chai) and driving around town with friends, you can find hijabis enjoying everything normal people do. The only difference is, they make sure to keep it halal. 

Hijab Myth #8: Hijabis Don’t Get Good Proposals

Do you see all hijabis moping around waiting to get married? Or do you see all non-hijabis happily married and not struggling to find good proposals at all? 

Proposals and marriage are all destined. A good spouse is Rizq. And Rizq comes from Allah SWT when the time is right. 

So, hijab is not a barrier in the way of good proposals. Yes, it does sometimes help filter out the worth-it candidates from the no-no ones. 

Did We Miss Something? 

We believe we have covered the most common myth about the hijab. Do you know of any other misconceptions? Let us know! It is important to talk about them and share the realities masked behind these myths. 

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