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New Theme: #NazreinNeechay


A person should go to university to study and learn. A person should go to Centaurus Mall to shop or to window-shop or to dine out. Simple facts of life which escape the attention of the ogling ones among the human species. They just go everywhere to ogle. Or maybe: wherever they go, they just ogle. Whichever way it is: Stop ogling, bro! Lower your gaze because #NazreinNeechay is Youth Club’s ongoing theme.

No, we’re not going around bumping into poles and people because we’ve lowered our gaze and are intently looking at the pavement. We don’t want you to do that either! Lowering your gaze is more about controlling your gaze, restraining yourself from looking at what you’re not supposed to be looking at.

The human eye is an amazing creation of Allah, infinitely more complex and intricate than any camera. Eyesight is an absolutely beautiful gift from Allah. Ask the blind if you don’t value it! The eyes are also the most discussed human organ in poetry and song lyrics (ranging from the exquisite to the downright absurd- remember Eye to Eye by Tahir Shah?)  The eyes, as they rightly say, are the gateway to the heart. That is precisely why we should be concerned about lowering our gaze. If we want our hearts to be sound and pure, rather than dirty and diseased, then there is no other option but to control our gaze! Prevention is better than cure!

The Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasallam) said:

“The furtive glance is one of the poisoned arrows of the devil, on him be God’s curse. Whoever forsakes it for the fear of Allah, will receive from Him a faith, the sweetness of which he will find within his heart.”


 The above Hadith gives some valuable insight into “Cupid’s arrows”.  So what happens when you are heedless and your eyes feast on everything that is available, and the arrows of the devil pierce your very being?  Sigh, the inevitable happens.  You lose out on the sweetness of faith.  Since the eyes have already committed their share of adultery, the heart, the ears, the hands and feet, and the private parts are all lined up for their opportunity to share in the sin.

Lowering the gaze is something between you and Allah.  No one except Allah would know what you are sneaking glances at.  He is observing your gaze and He is listening to your thoughts as both wander.  He, Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, says:

“Allah knows the deceit of the eyes and all that which the hearts conceal.”

(Surah Ghaafir: ayah 19)

Lowering the gaze is actually the starting point for modest behaviour.  You see, the one who can control his gaze from wandering is the one who will also be able to master his words and deeds.

The ones who lower their gaze are the ones who can truly adopt modesty- in dress, and thoughts, and words, and dealings.  There is something serene and beautiful about modest people, as they go around the day, forever conscious of Allah and the standing before Him, forever protecting their hearts and preserving the sweetness of their faith.  These are the ones who are becoming an extinct species.  These are the ones YC’s theme #NazrainNeechay is preserving and nurturing.

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