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Our Sister Aafia – A forgotten duty

An orange jumpsuit, white headscarf, worn sneakers.

Failing eyesight, head injuries, tearful voice. 

Meeting her sister for the 1st time in 20 years, yet separated by a thick glass wall.

“Take me out of this hell,” Dr Aafia Siddiqui cried out.

Let’s face it. We forgot her. Abandoned her. Betrayed her. Didn’t even notice when she disappeared with her 3 children. Didn’t feel enough indignation when she screamed in Bagram’s torture cells. Considered it OK when she was convicted in a US court having no jurisdiction to sentence her, infamous for a 95% conviction rate. Didn’t bat an eye when she was left to rot in a torture facility notorious for sexual & physical abuse, without even the right of a phone call to her family. 

Her reputed lawyer confirmed that both American & Pakistani officials admit that she is ‘the most wronged woman on earth’. Yet we slandered and discussed her like an old crime story, labeling her ‘Lady Al-Qaeda’; when even the false charges framed against her aren’t of terrorism. No guilt gnawed at our conscience when we heard the rumor of her death; we found it convenient to forget about her and continue with our joys & celebrations. We found her too risky, too extreme for our moderate lives. We did not take her as our sister. 

From today, we must make amends. It’s not an option. It’s an obligation. We will be questioned about our sister. Can we cut off a bleeding body part of the Ummah & leave it dismembered?


Educate yourself on the case details, then spread awareness through all means.This nation must wake up and take its Prophet’s words seriously to realize the huge obligation that Aafia is. Each one of us must play a part in this awakening.

Students can start various campaigns, like art/writing competitions, story-time & debates.

Content creators and social media users can play a huge role in lobbying for Aafia’s release. Share the facts & testimonies proving Aafia’s innocence and break the myths that surround her. Social media activism can force authorities to take action.
Lastly, use your weapon of dua. Let our oppressed sister become part of our heartfelt supplications in sujood, qunoot and in the middle of the night. 

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