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Over the Rainbow – The History and Intricacies of the LGBTQ+ movement

These events happened in close succession and may be hinting towards a scary path. A road that leads to a liberal Pakistan supporting all kinds of immoral activities, including homosexuality. 

All these events are underpinned by an international movement to not just normalise, but promote homosexuality. And while this ideology is a threat to the very existence of humanity, we need to understand it, identify its inherent weaknesses, and the tools used by pro-LGBT activists before we can begin to fight it.

Tracing The Timeline

LGBTQ+ ideologies may seem to be exploding in Pakistan right now. But the efforts had been cooking on slow-to-medium heat in the West for decades. Here’s a quick timeline to help you get an idea of how long these efforts have continued for humans to finally reach the peak of degeneracy we have today.

Have these pro-LGBT individuals ever harmed anyone? Yes. There are multiple instances of how they have become a threat to certain groups. The next one may resonate even in the ranks of the Pakistani liberals that support the LGBT agenda.

It’s not just physical spaces anymore. Some critics now argue that LGBT activists push issues that don’t align with feminist goals. Their efforts also shift the political focus from feminist goals, diluting their efforts and undermining issues affecting cisgender women. 

Due to increased empathy garnered by these individuals, they also tend to divert the flow of resources towards their own campaigns and away from women-focused initiatives and organisations. 

Most importantly, feminists now feel that they cannot even voice these concerns without triggering the LGBTQ+ community and increasing the risk of them being cancelled. 

 “Feminism should encourage open discussions without fear of being silenced or labelled as transphobic. We need room for honest conversations.” Writes a feminist activist. 

Pakistani feminists seem to copy everything from the West. When the feminist movement shook hands with the LGBTQ+ movement there, we saw transwomen dancing in Aurat Marches across Pakistan. Let’s wait and watch when they realise how these biological men may damage their cause from within their ranks. 

The Quest for Colors

All humans who don’t live under the rock are affected by the LGBT agenda in some way. While millennials used to be the ones identifying as something other than what they really were, children are now the most vulnerable cohort out of all groups of the human race. 

Spare the Kids

There’s a meticulous system in place, at least in some parts of the world, to funnel children out of their loving homes and into the grips of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Washington is one US state particularly notorious for leveraging Children Protection Service, mental health facilities, and social workers to brainwash vulnerable teens and get them to believe they need to change their gender to feel better. 

If parents deny their child’s gender identity and refuse to “affirm” the, they are said to be abusing the child. CPS can intervene and take the children away from the parents on grounds of unhealthy home environments. 

This is exerting a lot of social pressure on parents to do everything they can to affirm their children, lest they be taken away from them. This leads to getting their children transcare, which may include puberty blockers and gender-transitioning surgeries, among other harmful procedures with lifelong consequences. 

While we may not be at that point right now, Pakistani parents may soon be facing similar challenges with their brainwashed kids rebelling to adopt identities and ideologies that go against our religious and moral fabric. 

Despite knowing the dangerous downsides of these treatments, liberal and pro-LGBT scientists aggressively deny all the negative side effects. Real science may not have enough evidence to support the claim that transcare treatments are safe. But they are still shoved down the often confused patients’ throats. 

Science actually has quite a solid stance on the LGBT ideology.

Joseph Nicolosi was an American Clinical Physician who helped people deal with mental health issues like gender dysphoria, and assisted them in exploring their heterosexual potential. He also wrote multiple books to help people, including parents, to help deal with same-sex feelings and kids who had these feelings. 

Many bookstores were threatened a boycott if they kept selling his books. Amazon even removed several of such books from their catalogue after backlash from certain organisations. 

Scientists, researchers, and medical professionals have a lot to lose, including their jobs and good standing in society if they talk against the LGBT agenda. And hence, you may find a lack of resources online that may be saying even a word against the LGBTQ+ activists and what they stand for. 

Besides that, a popular approach is to emphasise love and tolerance as being one of the core values of Islam to make the religious lot push the bounds of the deen (way of life) so that it has more room for homosexuals. 

Knowing these tactics is critical for us to make sure we can avoid stumbling as we come across someone trying to bend Islam so it can accommodate homosexuality.

What’s Next?

The LGBTQ+ agenda is rising and being adopted at an alarming rate despite being a threat to almost all areas of human life and a challenge for some of the liberal left’s own struggles. 

These activists are after our children and against the growth and expansion of humanity itself. 

Scientific and religious validations are critical for proving the legitimacy of anything. If something gets a green signal from one or both of these entities, it appears good to go for humanity. 

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