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Palestine: A reminder for the Ummah

Not so long ago, in lands not so far, a girl used to live happily with her family. But one day, everything changed! Sounds of gunshots, a bullet passing through her baby brother’s head, her mother crying in excruciating pain and her house on a time bomb – tick tick tick, boom!  

An upcoming action movie, is it? You must be wondering! With extra salty popcorn and a large can of soda, it’ll all be perfect, right? Well, hold on until I tell you, it is not some fiction-film scene; it is a real-life scenario! Fail to believe? Google it yourself. But wait, what will you write? World War 2? No, just write “PALESTINE”. 

A few days back, we celebrated our independence as Pakistanis, but the question is, are we independent as an Ummah?

What about those valuable lives at stake just because we are not united? What about those little children who only get to see pistols and rifles when they should see gardens and butterflies? What about those mothers whose lives are all about crying over the loss of loved ones when they should be cooking humble meals for their families? What about those fathers who go out to earn bread and butter only to return and find their families dead? What about those hard-working students who head to masjids and madrassas to learn religion only to become the target of mass killers and suicide bombers? 

Allah (SWT) mentions in the Quran, “Whoever takes a life, it will be as if they killed all of humanity; and whoever saves a life, it will be as if they saved all of humanity” [Quran 5:32]

Putting up posts on social media reflecting how we are in it with our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine? Sure, we all do! We have been doing it for the last several years. But it’s time that we actually come forward and do something notable. 

How so? Create your own little community in school, college, or university and spread awareness through different props, banners, and activities. Teach your kids the true spirit of humanity so they can be at the forefront and stand for the rights of the people. Send money and little gifts through authentic channels to show you are with them. Lastly, make lots of dua! 

As the Prophet (SAW) said, “No Muslim servant supplicates for his brother behind his back but that the angel says: And for you the same.” [Sahih Muslim – 2732]

“The rockets may be above us, but they forget Allah is above them.”

May Allah (SWT) protect the Muslim Ummah! Ameen.

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