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Palestine will be Free!

A glass bottle filled with gasoline, set alight and hurled towards the enemy.

The thrower wears combat fatigues and a badge of yellow and blue. His act is applauded as courageous Ukrainian resistance.

Let’s change the thrower’s skin color, deepening it to a rich bronze. He’s dressed in a tattered t-shirt and kuffiyeh, now holding a small rock instead of a flaming molotov. Hurling it towards an enemy tank fifty times his size.

Yet now, the world decries him as a terrorist.

We, the Ummah, watch our brothers in Palestine heroically resist their occupiers once more, on a scale never seen before. Through a multi-pronged attack over land, water, and even air, they took the colonizers by surprise, reclaiming their stolen land, bulldozing ugly apartheid walls and taking many IDF soldiers as prisoners.

While we ecstatically cheer them on, we also hold our breath and desperately pray for them as the Zionists promise to ‘give them hell’.

As if they aren’t already living that hell.

As if for the past decades the colonizers haven’t violently dispossessed them of their land, killed their families, caged them like animals, and blasphemed the sanctity of Al-Aqsa over and over.

As if their goal, from the beginning, wasn’t already genocide, ethnic cleansing, and a war against Islam.

But you know what?

We know how this ends.

“Do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are believers.” [3:139]

Al-Aqsa WILL be ours. Jerusalem WILL be liberated. Palestine WILL be free, as our beloved Messenger (SAW) has prophesied. There is no doubt about it.

The only question is, is that moment now? Or later?

Our brothers and sisters have done their part. They have launched the rockets. Rode the hang gliders. Torn down the walls.

We cannot help them physically. We cannot throw our stones, as much as we want to.

Yet we share the most powerful weapon. The weapon of Dua.

To their Goliath is our David. Above their iron dome are our angels

. Above their screeching planes is our Lord, the Most High.

Congratulations, believer. You die a martyr. You live a warrior. Whatever you do, you have already won.

The Ummah of our Prophet will never surrender.

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