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Ramadan 2022 is nearly here!

Haniya Hasan

Ramadan 2022 is nearly here! 

And can I say how excited I am that this Ramadan might finally be the one in which there are no COVID restrictions stopping me from going to Taraweeh or hosting iftar parties for my family and friends! I have written in the past about how Ramadan really brings out that communal spirit because everyone around is vividly striving for the same goals as you. 

As I grow older, Ramadan has become a month that I seek out to help me reroute my life back to its main priority: submitting to Allah SWT completely. In the lead-up to Ramadan, I am so happy about opportunities to pray longer, worship harder, and get in the right zone for the remaining year. Every year after Ramadan, the fervour and zeal of Ramadan fade a few weeks after Ramadan ends, and slowly that flame that Ramadan ignites is subdued. So by the time Ramadan comes back up again, I am usually feeling super guilty for not keeping up to any of my post-Ramadan resolutions but I am also happy to get to work on them again during Ramadan. 

So in the hunt to get into the right zone before Ramadan starts, I am first of all investing in an excellent Ramadan planner, and what’s more excellent than an exquisite Ramadan Planner designed by YC itself? It is the most thoughtful planner ever with every possibility covered so you can track and keep yourself honest within and post Ramadan. Like me, you can buy your YC Ramadan Planner Bundle through YC Shop (@ycshopofficial on Instagram). 

Don’t forget to read through our handy Ramadan Planning guide on tips to plan your Ramadan. The YC Ramadan Planner has been designed to include all of the tips but in case you want to DIY your planning or just get some useful tips, read our popular Ramadan Planning guide here

Need some extra motivation to remind you what is Ramadan all about? I know I do. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, Ramadan is usually right on our door before we realize that we need to be in the right mindset to benefit the most out from Ramadan. 

Read about why Ramadan is the G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time) of all months here. When you are finished reading that, don’t forget to check out Ramadan: A Bonanza for Muslims?, which is possibly my favorite article because it beautifully sums up what Muslims stand to gain from this awesome month. 

After all the planning and inspiring, I am usually pumped to get started but life always finds a way to distract and divert. All the carefully curated plans go out of the window when you are faced with obstacles such as work, exams, and even the fatigue and tiredness that comes from day-to-day fasting and late-night prayers. I have found the best articles on YC Blog that address many of these obstacles and hopefully they can help both you and me overcome them. 

  1. Worried about exams during Ramadan? Read this post that combines motivation and practical tips to get you through your exams/studies falling in Ramadan. 
  2. Day-to-day chores taking up too much of the schedule and messing with your Ramadan plans? Fear not and read this to reassure yourself that even through these chores, you are serving Allah SWT. 
  3. InshaAllah we get to pray Taraweeh in congregation again this year. Check out this article to keep yourself fresh throughout the Taraweeh and reap the most out of it. 
  4. Worried about fatigue and mid Ramadan slump? We got you! Read this to keep the Ramadan spirit high! 
  5. Improve your Duas to stay motivated throughout Ramadan by following the lessons in this article
  6. Finally, make your goals now to have a peaceful Ramadan by consciously letting go of dunyawi / worldly distractions and following an Itikaf mindset. 

May we all have the most productive Ramadan! Keep following YC Blog for reminders, tips, and more throughout Ramadan!

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