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Let’s Welcome Ramadan!

Good times ahead guys! Are you ready? 

Ramadan is finally here. A month where we can rewind, reconnect, and recharge our souls to get us out of our boring, monotonic, and almost robotic routine. 

Blood sugar may run low but spirituality peaks. Tis’ a time where every night is beautiful, almost invigorating with soulful Quran recitation coming from Mosques all around. The days can be long and weary but that one heartfelt Ramadan dua? That drains the tiredness and fills you up with newfound energy. 

The hustle and bustle of Suhoor and Iftar, the smell of samosas and pakoras, and that single cup of post-iftar chai – there is so much to love about Ramadan. 

Attending Taraweeh, the punctuality in Qiyam, and a newfound heart-to-heart connection with the Quran… everything gives us that much-needed spiritual boost this month! 

You know what else gives you a phenomenal boost in spiritual serenity? Contemplation. 

Reflecting on your surroundings, nature, or simply your experiences can empower you with profound, transcendent perceptions that often rejuvenate your vision and give you an outlook that sticks with you long after the blessed month has passed. 

We love this feeling and know you love it too! So, get excited as we announce this year’s Ramadan Challenge, designed to help you experience that soothing feeling of spiritual depth and calm. 

Let that deeply spiritual Ramadan vibe get to you, unlock your mind, and reflect! 

But hey, don’t just contemplate. 

In fact, spend your #RamdanwithYC! 

Take us along on your journey to spiritual depth. Share your reflections with us and post them on Instagram with #RamadanwithYC. 

Don’t forget to upload a picture of what brought that reflection! 

We know we’d love every reflection of our YCfam but the top 3 best ones will get a prize at the end of the month!  

And don’t worry. You won’t be alone sharing reflections this month. We will be doing it too! Keep an eye out for our #30for30 reflections that we will post every day In Sha Allah.  

So, are you all set to spend your #RamadanwithYC? Cuz we sure are thrilled to share little mystic moments from our lives to yours!  

Happy Ramadan to you and your family!

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