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Ramadan Reflections: Grasping the fading light of peace

I just want to love the Quran again.

Have you ever had that feeling when you’re reading the Quran, and you recall the times when your Iman was at its peak? You remember how you felt back then while reading the Quran, and you’re left with an ache in your chest, feeling like you’ve lost something too precious too easily. You berate yourself for letting it slip through your fingers like sand.

I was pondering my goals before Ramadan, and at first, I found myself writing down the same old: “Finish reading the Quran at least once!” But then I paused to ask myself: Is that what I really want? Or, more specifically, what do I need?

I need to reestablish my relationship with the word of Allah (SWT). I want to feel that sweetness, that excitement of being with the Quran again. Is there a more effective method to do so other than just reading the Arabic words out loud as fast as I can?

Whether it’s by listening to beautiful recitations, engaging in in-depth Tafseer, or starting a heart-to-page Quran journal, could one of these slightly less conventional methods be the real way to somehow grasp that fading light of peace again?

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