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Ramadan Reflections: Persevering along the Blessed Path

So much of what is beautiful barely ever lasts,

Unreachable and untouchable in the casket of the past.

Except for the good actions, the amal-e-sualihaat,

Breaking beyond eternity, raising our makamaat.

Our makamaat here means the ranks we have in front of Allah (SWT). Who wouldn’t want to elevate that rank, right? And so, we enter Ramadan with many new resolutions and ventures, striving to improve ourselves.

Starting small habits and taking up extensive challenges, both come with the fear of leaving them incomplete. Will we be able to hit our Ramadan goals? Will we be able to continue some of these after Ramadan?

We wish for consistency and completion in our good actions, beyond the spiritual boost of this blessed month as well. So, for all of us in the same boat, here is a beautiful dua to keep us afloat:

اللهم اهدني وسددني‏ اللهم إني أسألك الهدى والسداد

Translation: O Allah! Direct me to the Right Path and make me adhere to the Straight Path. I beg You for guidance and uprightness. [Riyad as-Salihin – 1473]

This dua is a humble request to Allah (SWT) to accept our efforts and good deeds. It encourages us to continue striving for excellence, knowing that Allah (SWT) is aware of our efforts and intentions.

Lastly, find peace in knowing that the good you do, especially for His sake, stays with you forever. It is written and kept safe. All you have to do is to remain patient on this path of righteousness. Keep going, come what may.

“Be patient, for indeed, Allah does not waste the reward of the good-doers” [Quran 12:90]

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