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Ramadan Reflections: One Ummah. One body.

Today, after Suhoor, my 7-year-old son went to the masjid for Fajr on his bicycle. After just a few minutes, he came back crying. He hugged me tightly, weeping, “Mama, mama.” My heart leapt into my throat. It turned out that he had fallen from his bike and injured his elbow. #Alhamdulillah, it was nothing serious.

As the family gathered around, consoling him and cleaning the wound, I was suddenly transported to #Gaza. My mind replayed the images and sounds of all the injured children in Gaza—those who had lost all family members, those undergoing amputations without anesthesia. My heart felt like it would burst with pain as I wished to have the power to embrace every lonely, sad, injured, hungry, cold, and frightened child.

This #Ramadan is hitting very differently in the backdrop of the Gaza #genocide and starvation campaign.

The #Ummah is ONE BODY. Do I feel the pain? What is my excuse before Allah (SWT)?

Let us resolve today to spend our time, wealth, and energy to work for the betterment of the Muslims—to make dua, to do our duty, to gain knowledge, to spread the #Deen, and to heal a broken, aching Ummah.

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