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Ramadan Reflections: Feeling a Sense of Gratefulness

It’s a calm night with a clear sky, prompting me to roll out my father’s binoculars and head straight to the roof to witness the full moon of the month alongside the other stars.

As a lover of astronomy, the thought of gazing at the sky and realising that my Lord is out there somewhere sends shivers down my spine.

As I point the binoculars towards the moon and adjust its focus, I start noticing the craters on my moon. The very first thing that comes to my mind is how precisely Allah (SWT) has designed and placed it. Even a slight deviation from its original position and path could jeopardise the entire universe.

Living in a vast universe where so much is happening, from the suction of a black hole to the birth of something as small as an ant, Allah (SWT) created me. This realisation brings tears to my eyes, and I feel an overwhelming love for Allah (SWT) in my heart.

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