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Ramadan Reflections: A Thought-provoking Reminder

A few minutes to iftar. I quickly lit up the stove and placed the frying pan on it. As I waited for the oil to heat up, my gaze was fixated on the bright flame, and I couldn’t help but recall the ayah we had read about Hellfire. I shuddered and silently prayed for protection from it.

As I began frying pakoras quickly, a few drops of hot oil splattered on the back of my hand. I winced with pain and suddenly remembered the burning oil that the inmates of Hellfire would have to drink. I had goosebumps, and my eyes welled up.

As the azan started, I prayed from the depth of my heart to enjoy the blessings of Jannah. I realised how feeding the Quran to your soul on a daily basis in Ramadan can give you heightened awareness where every moment can be a spiritual reminder or awakening.

As we starve our bodies, it’s important to nourish our souls with the Quran as well to get the maximum benefit of fasting.

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