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Ramadan Reflections: The Time of Serenity and Something More

Have you ever stepped outside at suhoor time, just before the Fajr adhans begin breaking over the horizon?

The sky is dark. It’s supposed to be. But if you look hard enough, you feel like there’s light seeping in at the very edges. The stars glitter overhead, scattered in the galaxy. Up long before you were, the birds chirp softly, breaking the otherwise calm silence.

You can’t hear traffic. The streets are deserted. But you know that your whole neighborhood is awake in their houses for the same purpose as you.

You stand alone in the cool spring air and recall that this is the time when our Rabb, Exalted and Glorified is He, has descended to the lowest heaven and is calling for the sinners to repent, and the seekers to put forth their duas.

You close your eyes, and the breeze brushes your face as you whisper the most precious duas you have, asking for the secret dreams jotted down in your planner somewhere.

It’s a beautiful moment when time stands still. The world pauses just a moment before letting in the streaks of dawn, belonging to another day in Ramadan, full of blessings and serenity.

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