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Ramadan Reflections: There’s Khayr. Even In Mishaps.

With Eid approaching, I decided to order a dress that I found online, which looked very beautiful to me. But when I received it, it wasn’t the color that I had placed my order for, and it made me extremely heartbroken.

After getting over the disappointment of receiving the dress in the wrong color, I decided to reach out to the seller and request an exchange.

However, my thoughts soon turned to our house help, a lovely young girl who is getting married shortly after Eid. Instead of exchanging the dress for the one I originally wanted, I thought it would be nice to purchase a new one altogether and gift the first dress to our house help as an Eid gift.

I decided to pack it inside a basket with all the cute decorations that I found from my home along with some snacks.

As soon as I handed over the gift basket to her, her face lit up with so much joy that I could almost see the tears in her eyes. She couldn’t say much, but I could tell how happy it made her.

And that’s when it hit me. Had I not gotten the wrong color of the dress, I would have never been able to do this for her in such a special way.

It was a huge reminder for me that there is khayr in everything that happens in our life due to the qadar of Allah (SWT). I felt an overwhelming sense of love and gratitude for Allah (SWT) at that moment for choosing me for this beautiful cause.

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