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Ramadan Reflections: Our Sisters in Gaza

Having a baby growing within me has introduced me to a new form of hunger—a hunger so intense it almost feels like a fire in your empty stomach, gnawing, eating away at your insides.

A few hours had passed since I had my Iftar, and I was famished. Fortunately, I was with my mom at the time, so all I had to do was tell her I was hungry, and the food came to me.

However, something happened before I could eat anything. A thought hit me.

My intense hunger reminded me of our sisters in Gaza, especially the ones expecting a baby while living through a genocide and shortage of food. They must feel the same kind of hunger as I do, I thought—the extreme, relentless hunger that goes away only after you’ve had a good meal. How do they tolerate it? I couldn’t help but think to myself. There’s no food for them, and even if they do sometimes, it’s not enough!

My heart grieved for them.

Let us use these blessed last ten days of Ramadan to pray for our brothers and sisters in Gaza. May Allah (SWT) reward these women and all our brothers and sisters immensely and give us an imaan as strong as theirs.

May Allah (SWT) grant us the ability to be grateful for all the blessings we take for granted and bless us with afiyah (well-being) in this life and the next ameen.

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