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Ramadan Reflections: Changing Perspectives with Gratitude

I had a lot of tasks to get to and deadlines to meet. The weight of the workload was almost crushing me as I sat in our car, going somewhere with my family.

I was upset, almost annoyed. Why do I have to work so much, especially during Ramadan? I thought, hating the fact that I would have to get to the grind as soon as I got back home.

I was drowning in my sorrows when I spotted daily-wage workers sitting along the road, their tools lined up next to them. All weary and tired, looking at every passing person, hoping they would give them some work so they could earn money and buy food to feed their families for iftaar perhaps.

I realised these daily-wage workers would do anything to have work, something I so passionately detested, despite my work being much more convenient than theirs.

This thought embarrassed me in my own eyes.

How ungrateful was I? Hating my work while thousands of people in our country are desperate to have it? Despite the workload, something that most might look at as a blessing in this economy.

This small reflection and a moment of immense gratefulness helped me go back to work with a new outlook, a newfound gratitude, and joy that I had a means of making money – my work – waiting for me at home.

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