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Ramadan Reflections: Minimalism

Today’s iftar was relatively simple with some crouton salad, chicken tornadoes, iced lemonade, and dinner served alongside. It was a bit unlikely since we are used to having at least five or six items, mostly fried. This new era of my brother wanting to eat healthy is bringing us much benefit, I’d say.

Anyhow, let’s come to the point. Firstly, ah! If only I knew eating light would be so much easier—less cleaning, fewer dishes, almost no lethargy afterward, and the best one—not feeling like a camel who probably stored food for its next three generations.

But apart from all this, there was also something else, something a tad more serious.

Of all the unique lessons Ramadan teaches us every year, one is definitely minimalism. Hold on, before you stop reading, I promise it won’t get cliché—less is more kinda stuff. But man, did it make a difference!

Honestly, the days we have a table spread full of food items come with their own feels—yummy, all-you-can-eat, at-home buffet kinda vibes. But I realised when you opt for minimal options, how not only your body thanks you but also your mind.

After I was done with my iftar today, I felt a weird sense of groundedness, a feeling woven in pure humbleness. I was able to remind myself of all the people less fortunate than me who even though have nothing on their tables yet are still grateful.

It reminded me of our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) of how several days would pass by and the only thing they’d have would be some dates.

It reminded me of my brothers and sisters in Gaza who have been fasting all along, not sure if they’d be able to have a single grain of rice at iftar.

I never felt this before; I never had this emotion before. As if in that moment of time when I was sitting at the iftar table staring at my empty plate with my hunger fulfilled—something inside me struck a different chord.

A chord which was the testimony of how often we tire ourselves off of our own wishful desires and unrealistic dreams when in reality our souls need so much less of material and so much more of our innate being.

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