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Ramadan Reflections: Can We Carry It Forward?

Ramadan is almost coming to an end, and I will miss it dearly.

Those early morning suhoor moments, despite being half asleep most of the time, held unmatched vibes.

I will miss the afternoons filled with Quran reading sessions, some work here and there, chats with my siblings, and a short power nap.

Evenings were particularly lovely, with iftar anticipation, Mama’s delicious meals, and my careful preparation of the perfect sharbat – just the right balance of sweetness and tanginess. The collective dua at the dining table felt like a daily accomplishment.

But my favourite part of the day was nighttime – the mosque, the taraweeh prayers, the unity of people, and the heartfelt duas. Everything about it was always a wholesome experience.

Post-taraweeh chill time, I used to listen to informative Islamic lectures, engage in zikr, have some snacks, relax in bed, and bask in the contentment of a day well spent.

I often wonder why our ordinary days can’t be like those of this blessed month, where each one feels like Ramadan. Where the purity in intentions remains. Where the eagerness to help sustain. Where the willingness to make an effort to do good and avoid evil rules. And where the dedication to prioritise time for Allah (SWT) fuels. How beautiful would that be?

Well, you see—we all have the potential to become the best versions of ourselves, so why limit it to just Ramadan? Let’s aim to make it timeless, i.e., become lifelong role models for generations to come In Sha Allah.

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