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Ramadan Reflections: Adapting Servitude

Today was another day of Ramadan, feeling frustrated with a clingy, nursing infant and a busy, bustling susral.

I kept reminiscing about all my pre-Shadi Ramadans where I could peacefully spend my days and nights with my Mushaf. Everything seemed to be going topsy-turvy. This Ramadan was not turning out to be the island of peace I had imagined.

After the baby finally slept, I mustered the energy to pray and put my tired head in sajda (prostration) and finally cried my heart out.

As I prayed to Allah (SWT) to lighten my heart and show me the way, I could actually feel a load being lifted. I felt the fog clearing. I realised it was Allah (SWT) who put me in this situation. I accepted my situation wholeheartedly, thanked Him for it, and resolved to make the best of it. With the right intentions, all my days could become worship.

Life has different seasons. Our job is not to complain but to listen and obey, to bloom where we are planted.

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