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Ramadan Reflections: Screen Detox

“This year will be different,” I had promised myself. Every year Ramadan slips by so fast, and on the last iftar, we are left thinking: how is it ending so soon?

This year I wanted to make the most out of every moment. I started before Ramadan by holding myself accountable for my time.

A few days of logging my daily activities and checking my screen time in my phone log made me realise I was literally spending several hours a day in mindless scrolling.

As Ramadan started, I resolved to fast from the phone this year too! I switched off my phone at suhoor and kept it in the cupboard. My hands itched throughout the day to check notifications, but I stayed firm. I didn’t go near the phone, and I realised I had all the time in the world at my disposal.

I was able to read plenty of Quran, do mindful zikr, spend quality family time, prepare scrumptious iftar, and do so much more in just one day.

After taraweeh, I picked up the phone for 20 minutes, and that was it. Screen detox was the best decision I had ever made. Try it out to experience a much higher quality of life.

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