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Ramadan Reflections: The Proximity of As-Samee and Al-Qareeb

Alhamdulillah for the blessing of spending the holiest of months in the holiest of lands.

Today was a long, hot fast. As we finished tawaf after Asr, my mother said, “Aj tau thandi, meethi lassi peenay ka dil ker raha hai.”

I laughed at the thought of lassi. Here it was qehwa land at iftar time.

But, lo and behold, at iftar, a girl came out of nowhere and handed us a pack. As I opened it, I found, along with dates, a packet of sweet laban inside. The same thandi, meethi lassi my mom had craved for.

I felt goosebumps at that moment as I felt how Allah (SWT) was as-Samee and al-Qareeb.

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