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Ramadan Reflections: Finding Gratitude in Small Gestures

I was sitting in my room working after Iftar when I overheard my parents discussing our drinking water supply.

The water was delivered earlier the week before, and with the next delivery day coming up, we were running a little low on our water supply.

“I drink 4 liters of water!” I chimed in rather enthusiastically from my room, informing them that I needed to drink 3+ liters of water between Iftar and Sehri to avoid getting dehydrated during the day.

“Drink 10 liters, beta!” my father replied, almost matching my level of enthusiasm, letting me know that my water consumption is not an issue and I can drink as much as I want. He also assured me, in a way, that no matter how much water I need, they will make sure I always have it.

This was the moment I was hit by a massive wave of gratitude. I realised how huge this blessing is for me. My parents—these people who love me so selflessly and would go to all ends to make sure I always have whatever I need.

“Alhamdulillah,” I said, and then repeated it a few times to thank and praise the Lord who blessed me with parents and their love and care.

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