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Romance-The ‘HEART’ reality !


Ahhhhhh that feeling .. We’ve all been there at some point in our life.

Girl meets boy oh sweet !

Boy meets girl awww how lovely.

Boy meets boy..awww ….how…eh?! …woah hang on! Wait .. What?!

Well that’s what the world is pushing us to believe so we have to accept it don’t we?!

So where have we tried to find love?

At school hormones are raging. Our parents have been listening to tragic heartbreak black and white Bollywood songs since the 50’s. Dilip Kumar singing his heart out because his lover left him. Shammi Kapoor shouting and behaving like a loony to impress his girls shouting Yahoo! ( not the email service!) and so on. We have been fed Bollywood since our childhood. So when we are in school we all think we are heroes and will meet a girl!

College life comes and we get a bit more complicated now. We don’t just stare at the girl, we try and take advantage of the mixed classes and actually get to chat to the opposite gender! We constantly look for compliments. Constantly seeking opportunities to get ‘alone’ with them, hoping they would just like you back.

University, and we are now masters of love! We are using modern technology to chat up the person you like or want. Add them to your Facebook. Like their comments, share a video, send messages, offer friendship, “Lets become very good friends…special friends .”
The same situations take place within the work place. We hope we get to have lunch with the opposing gender, ‘get to know them a bit more’.

Above are some of the many times we try and seek romance. But we keep forgetting how utterly frustrating this ‘game’ is!

Falseness , hollowness!

But the thing is dear reader! Can you not see the ridiculousness of it all. We have been disappointed throughout out educated lives. We were chasing a fantasy which was fed by industries with an agenda.

Hollywood & Bollywood and the world’s music industries have dictated our hearts for decades! Are we that stupid that we will let some wreck of a musician or some perverted movie director tell us what romance is and how to attain it? Really? Are we serious ?
You will only get increased frustration as the years roll by! We need to rebel against this servitude to human whims. Think deeply about what you’re watching or listening to and we will realize how duped the world is!

Only the creator of romance, feelings, emotions and desires knows the method to attain it!

The divine miracle that is the Quran has Warned us not to go near something that is destructive to our own lives. Numerous verses talk about not going near Zina (Illegal Sexual Intercourse). Zina begins with that ‘one innocent look.’

The best alternative .

Marriage! It’s the perfect love story.

Looking forward to Jannah. That excited feeling..that you can have romantic adventures ..FOREVER!!

On top of that we can look forward to the Ultimate type of love – Allah (swt).

So if you are gonna fall anyway, let’s fall in love with Him (swt).


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