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Humans out there!

What is your opinion about flowers?
Aren’t they beautiful? So fragile, spreading their captivating fragrance, such a treat for eyes and soul and yes, adornment for our homes and gardens!

But, wait! You, your family and the people around you can benefit from all these blessings “ONLY IF YOU TAKE CARE OF THEM, LET THEM FLOURISH, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, LET THEM STAY ON THEIR STEMS”

Do you agree?
Yes, I know you do!

So, what about children?
The innocent, pure souls, born with the “Fitrat e Saleem”, bestowed with creativity and skills to spread their original fragrance all around them! Don’t they need nourishment and care? Don’t they require opportunities to flourish themselves?

Yes, They do!

Youth Club has an idea, that every child of Ummah is important, is capable of doing great. All they need is the chance!

Super Troupers, YC’s department for children, aims to fulfill this need of little children, and offers different activities to nourish their body, mind and soul; which will help them stay on their Fitrat e Saleem, In sha Allah. Super Troupers department, in a fun-manner, is mentoring the children to learn more about Deen and spreading its message of peace by encouraging them to manifest their hidden creativity and imagination.

ST aims to make this world a peaceful place by applying the beautiful principles of Islam in our lives from the very beginning.


By far, we have conducted different super activities for our super children.

Where exactly have we conducted these activities?

Our venues are, both outside and inside. For Sessions, we go online via Zoom and FB Live!

From themes like Summer Camp to Ramadan, from Space Mysteries to Budding Botanicals, our children have learned to make the best use of their time and gain knowledge without being compelled to “ratta-fy” (cram) it. Also why should we forget the most important part of encouragement and appreciation regardless of how minute the effort and be thankful to Allah SWT at all times.

Want to have a look?


We are planning to cover more areas of knowledge and its application in a fun way!

Want to learn more?

We share our updates on daily basis on our FB and Instagram pages:


Any queries?
Don’t worry!
Contact us for more details, we’ll be happy to answer.

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Hope to see you embark with us on this journey!

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