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The Recognition of the Creator

By Namra Asif

When a child comes to the world, his process of learning begins. He observes his environment and makes sense of everything. His parents are supportive in the process. They are the ones who help a child to shape his ideas and a definite approach towards various concepts of the world, morals, character, faith, religion, etc.

If we talk about a Muslim family, the child is taught from the beginning that Allah is one. He created this universe and only HE is worthy of worship. But suppose if a child was not taught all this, or consider for a moment that if he was born old, how he might know his creator? How could he know who created him and who is running the universe with such perfection? For creating a sensible answer to this question, Allah created the entire universe. This is not just a beautiful world, but it’s a verse, a sign of God’s presence. A sign which signifies the Lord; Allah SWT and His Majesty, His Authority, His Greatness, and His Creativity!

First of all, if we look up at the sky, we can see the vastness of the universe. This vast blue sky covers the whole world like a roof. Night or day, every scene is astonishing. Clouds floating in the sky during the day, forming different shapes are very attractive. And at night, millions of stars centering the Moon offers a very beautiful sight. But this is just the outside of this wonderful world but if we spend some time to get an insight into this world and ponder over things closely, we can’t hold ourselves without singing the praise of our gracious Lord. And this insight view can be grasped by reading scientific investigations and considering and reflecting upon the universe. How did the universe come into being? How vast is the universe? The moon and stars shining in the sky, planets, galaxies, what are all these things, and what is their purpose of creation? How are heavenly bodies fitted in the sky and how do they move? These are all questions that have surprised scientists till today. The more the man ponders over nature, the more the realities of nature are disclosed upon him and at this stage, his heart and mind cannot be without praise for God.

Now come down from the sky and move to the depths of the sea. The sea, that is, water, is a great power of the world. But it is also impossible to fathom what this seemingly blue-water actually is. It is a lot more than mere pits full of water. Allah has filled the ocean with so many treasures that despite the passage of thousands of years, they are fulfilling the needs of human beings. To date, pearls and gems are being extracted from the sea snow. Besides, Allah made the sea creatures lawful to us and made it a source of food, and also endorsed the sea with such a strength that even big ships can easily swim on it. So, we see that a sea is full of signs of its creator, so how could we deny the presence of God who did all that? 

Now let’s consider Earth; another sign of God’s might, which has been made a bed for human beings. The structure of the earth does not only enable us to live and move but its interior is also filled with uncountable treasures. Whether it is oil or gas, minerals or gems, God has buried everything under the dust which not only provides man with the necessities of life but also motivates him to search for more. God also taught the soil how to produce crops. When a man begins to meditate on the verses in the universe, his intellect is stunned. Think for yourself who taught the earth to swallow the dead but grow the plants? Who instructed it to decompose everything fleshy, big or small, but to protect and grow a small seed to a large tree? Surely, there is someone who created everything and bestowed it with the required intellect.

Now consider your own self–structure. How He organized everything we need to live in our just five, six-foot body? How is a wide network of veins spread in our body in such a compact way? The human body is surely a masterpiece of nature which still is beyond the understanding of scientists. Even though science has developed so much, no robot could ever be developed which could replace human beings. Even if the world’s scientists and intellectuals come together, they can never do it.

Now just think who is the one who made such a complete and perfect world. Surely He is the One and Only God- Allah SWT. He is the one who is the Creator as well as Sustainer of this world. He not only made us but also provided us with the best environment and best conditions to survive. And whoever understands this, how can he be ungrateful to Allah? How can we ignore our purpose of life and the life-giver Himself? We were sent to act according to the will of Allah Almighty as Shakespeare has said; “all the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players”. And this is all for our own sake, our own good to get the high ranks in Jannah. But alas, we are unable to reach the level of gratitude to Allah, which was God’s right and our duty to reach! 

Then, (O humankind and jinn) which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?

(Al-Rahman: 13)

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