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The YC Ramadan Planner 2023

Ramadan is just around the corner, and we are as excited as you are. After all, it’s a month of immense mercy, bundles of blessing and ultimate forgiveness. As Muslims, we naturally want to make the most out of it and take in every ounce of goodness packed in this blessed month. But oftentimes, despite having sincere intentions and bright goals of unleashing our spiritual potential, we fail to plan and manage our time effectively. This year, however, it’s gonna be different! With our brand new YC Ramadan Planner, you will surely have the Ramadan of your lifetime.

From a thoughtfully designed hourly spread to an accountability template to track daily prayers, the planner will help you manage the twenty-four hours of your day wisely. A cute little portion for slotting the readable portions of the Quran to a reflective corner for jotting down the valuable lessons, the planner can reawaken your love for the book of the Al-Mighty. 

From a specially curated list of Ramadan-oriented dos and don’ts to a visually aesthetic check-in of the sleep cycle and social media usage, the planner can be your very own personal coach to help prioritise everyday habits. From a daily measure to help you stay up-to-date with the highs and lows of your imaan to a gratitude bundle allowing you to count on the blessings of your Lord, the planner can upscale your humility metre in the month of generosity and giving. Last but not least, the ‘I need to improve’ slot can encourage you to do more, be more and be the best version of yourself by the end of this 30-month beautiful journey. 

But wait, it’s not the end yet! Ramadan is incomplete without some heartfelt inspiration and a boost of motivation to help you stay focused, determined, and all set to sail through this amazing month. And to take good care of that, the planner also comes with some goodies having valuable insights on how to be true Muslim warriors in these times of trials and tribulations. With the right mechanism and knowledge of the evils out there, you can continue to save yourself even after Ramadan ends when the shaitan sets free. In addition, a handy-dandy Quran tracker bookmark and a separate imaan tracker sheet to keep things on the go! 

Life is short. We might not live up to witness next year’s Ramadan. Make sure you are prepared. Start off with the right mindset and change your life forever. A life which can turn out to be your biggest blessing at the end of this journey and can mark the start of great new beginnings destined for your ultimate home – Jannah In Sha Allah!

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