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Title: YC Blog’s Top 8 Of 2023 – The Year We Dreamt, Dared, and Delivered!

  1. Pretty, Pink, Politics — Unveiling Barbie’s Dark Agenda

Women can be anything”, but being a mother… ugh, boring! What can be more useless than nurturing human life?

The blog post received widespread attention, amassing 7915+ likes, as readers delved into the unexpected political conversations ignited by one of the highest grossing movies of 2023, having witnessed Barbie as a symbol of rebellion against moral and societal values.

  1. Sar-e-Rah

The most popular dialogues in the recent episode show Sarang’s supportive father encouraging him to adopt the gender that he wants when he grows up.

The manipulative disguise of USAID funded, Sar-e-Rah. While Sarang’s father gave off the best-daddy vibes, the post highlighted how Sar-e-Rah could have done better in depicting him as someone empowered enough to provide the medical care and religious guidelines to his son to live a dignified life.

  1. KPOP — The Dark Side

The depression that has slowly been gnawing away at me has finally overtook me. Becoming famous was probably not my life. It’s funny I was able to endure this much. (An excerpt from Kim Jong-hyun’s suicidal note) 

This revelatory post delved deep into the unforgiving realities of the K-pop world, laying bare the life-long struggles, painstaking sacrifices, and cut-throat challenges that artists endure on their journey to fame. 

  1. The Final Showdown

Match night with friends? How often have we experienced azaans being called out while people remain oblivious? Or, mothers urgently calling their sons only to hear stuff like ‘ammi match k beech mai kese jaun’?

Stood out in the year’s blog highlights, not just for its cricket commentary but for its compelling call to reassess life’s priorities.

  1. Our Sister Aafia — A Forgotten Duty

An orange jumpsuit, white headscarf, and worn sneakers. Failing eyesight, head injuries, and tearful voice. “Take me out of this hell, Dr #AafiaSiddiqui cried out.”

The powerful narrative, shedding light on Dr Afia Siddiqui’s plight and urging collective action, garnered widespread engagement, making it a top-performing blog post that demanded attention and activism for a cause often overlooked.

  1. #AzadiMubarak 

Javed: There’s no use wasting myself here. 

Hamid: You’re…you’re leaving? 

Javed: Yeah, man. I’ve applied for my visa. So should you!

Hamid: Hey, I’m never gonna leave my country!

Javed: Seriously? You’ll waste yourself here too, bro?


The youthful dialogue between Hamid and Javed struck a chord, resonating with readers who yearned for change with its powerful message of preserving Pakistan’s essence and inspiring sincere efforts for a brighter tomorrow.

  1. Palestine Will Be Free 

Al-Aqsa WILL be ours. Jerusalem WILL be liberated. Palestine WILL be free. The Ummah of our Prophet will never surrender.

The vivid portrayal of the Palestinian struggle interwoven with the essence of Quranic verses captivated the audiences as it not only echoed the cries for justice but also fueled a sense of hope and determination, securing its place in the top 8 most impactful blog posts of 2023.

  1. 10 Years Of WOC — A Memoir By YC Speaker Nadeem Ashraf

From driving through the mountains of Kashmir at 3 am to covering Sahiwal, Multan, and the Northern areas, the passion for WOC reached new heights.

This heartfelt post through 10-years of YC Winds of Change (WOC) may not be the highest-performing one, its sentimental value and the recounting of WOC’s transformative evolution have made it one our cherished favourites. 

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